Will pay for phone tutor for Roland PC-60


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Hello all,
I just purchased a Roland PC-60 at a great price. It has corel 7 for graphics software. I have been in the awards, sign industry for 15 years, and currently use Corel X3 for my laser engraver. I am absolutely stumped with this machine. I have no clue how to make it print and cut. I have read through the manual, but still am lost. Does anyone know of a site that gives ste by step directions for this machine with corel 7? I would also be willing to pay someone to tutor me by phone. I can pay up front through Paypal. I would actually prefer a phone tutor over an internet site. I live near Sacramento, CA if there is anyone in the area that wants to make a few bucks with their knowledge of this set-up. I am a very fast learner. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Simple instructions: Take by power cord hammertoss to curb. Repeat as necessary!

That's way too funny, sad, and true all at the same time. I had a PC-60 about 8 years ago and can honestly say that purchasing it was one of the worst business decisions I ever made. I know this isn't what you want to hear and I'm sorry for that, but in my case, it's certainly the truth.
agreeing and laughing at the previous comments...lol

ok so how to use the machine unplug it find a door you would like propped open and place it behind said door in place of a doorstop. if you have plenty of doorstops feel free to use it as a boat anchor...drill a hole through machine so you can attach chain and toss overboard to keep your boat at anchor.

now having had one unfortunately and having been forced to consult with a few shops that wouldnt listen to my advice and chose to make the same mistake i did and insisted on buying one and throwing their own money out the door, i wouldnt feel good 'giving a lesson' because it has been a long time...but the main confusion i witnessed came from the settign up of a custom color for the cutting function. in short you create a custom palette assign a color of your choice (i liked to use pink or orange because they are rarely used colors) unless you live in auburn alabama and you will use orange daily. then if memory serves me correctly you set up a property for that color that either hairline or .001 line width whatever color it is you setup the machine recognizes that as your cutline.

what specifically are you struggling with? printing although extremely poor quality is pretty straight forward in my experience most users struggled initially with figuring out how to get it to cut.


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So, if you had one SqueeG... can you at least help the guy out a little ??

I don't have much left in the memory banks about how to operate it.

What I do remember is that I designed and output directly from Corel. I setup it up to cut anything that had a hairline magenta stroke on it. I know that because I still run across files every now and then on our server that are setup that way.

I also remember packaging up the machine about once a quarter and shipping it off to have the printhead replaced and also that it usually messed up right before the end of virtually everything I ever printed on it.

Again, I am not at all trying to put the original poster down but very, very honestly recommend that he put his valuable time and energy into another machine. There are some great deals on Edge's out there and I strongly recommend finding one of those and he/she will do well.

I would put the subject of operating a PC-60 in the same category as "What to do when my Avery vinyl starts shrinking." Learn from others mistakes and just don't go there.

Please forgive me if I came off as condescending. That was not my intention.


I've had a PC 60 for three years. New head and drive motors when I bought it. It only gets used on an emergency, "I have to have it by 5:00pm today" basis, maybe once a month. I charge accordingly. I keep it very well covered and clean. Very expensive to run, but I charge enough to make money with it.

I use SignLab with it and haven't tried Corel.


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Thanks to all

The small applications that I am going to be using the machine for are t-shirt iron-ons, stickers, mouse pads. I'm not trying to create a car wrap. If you don't have advise or suggestions, please don't reply to my post.
multiple posts aren;t going to help you.

posts like your last one aren't going to help you.

what you are going to discover is that it does not matter if you are not goint to print car wraps. the issues you are going to be forced to deal with are going to show their evil little faces with everything you print with this machine. you will have to deal with banding. you will have to deal with many other print quality issues for a variety of reasons. you will find that no matter what you paid for this machine it is EXTREMELY expensive to operate..in fact i feel safe saying that it is the most expensive printer to operate in our industry.

you may not like what you are being told however, in time you will realize that it is true. you can either take offense or you can accept the information and be aware of it...i have literally seen people throw THOUSANDS of dollars of cartridges through these machines trying to obtain print quality that they are happy with.

in addition if you plan on keeping this machine for a long time into the future you should start looking for other machines so you can obtain parts. roland no longer services them and all of the roland service techs that i know of will not service them either. in addition to that there has been talk of the discontinuation of the ribbons for this machine. so again if you decide you want to keep this machine for any length of time you should be on the lookout for parts and ribbons.

i know a few people who have had results that are acceptable to them with this machine...they are the exception not the rule. in general they print VERY small items like name badges. in designing you find workarounds so that you can avoid large areas of banding. again you can either take this as negative information that you do not want to hear or you can accept it and realize the limitations that you are going to have to deal with. there are many valid reasons why this machine was discontinued and discontinued in a hurry.

you have repeatedly mentioned in your multiple posts that you are having issues with printing and cutting. setup a custom palette for your ribbon colors in corel. assign a custom color for your cutline with the specifications in the instructions as mentioned before it is either hairline or .001 it has been years since i have sat in front of one of these and do not have the luxury of having either the manual or a photographic mind.

printing ... literally you load the appropriate cartridges wax or resin depending on your application. and you send the project to be printed and it prints again the problem that people have is setting up the custom color for cutting.

again what specifically are you struggling with?


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That's not true that Roland no longer services the PC-60.
I got this email from them a couple months ago regarding the PC-60/PC-600:

In this time of economic uncertainty, rely on Roland to keep your equipment running in the best possible condition. Your business depends on it!

Tune Up Your Roland Now and You'll Receive this Special Offer:

All adjustments and diagnosis provided FREE of charge by
Roland factory trained technicians
Cutter protection strips are included and FREE of charge
Save $100 on a print head replacement - a $395 flat rate*
FREE return shipping
Parts pricing estimate provided for your approval prior to any repair
* Blades, blade holders and print heads are not included in this special pricing

Call today to arrange your PC-60 or PC-600 tune up special!

800-542-2307 ext. 4


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Call RolandDG tech support located in Irvine Ca. phone: 1800-542-2307 they are great people, they can give you a hand and it's free....

ok so i just got off the phone with Roland ... after MUCH confusion and techs that did not even know what a pc 60 was lol and going through more than one tech who couldn't even find part numbers in their catalogs for the pc 60 ... i FINALLY went through my own channels at Roland in search of some answers a little higher up the 'food chain' to get some answers as the post above is very different from what i was told ...

and i stand corrected ... print heads are still available directly from Roland and they will replace them if you are not confident doing so yourself ... the confusion they said is that most of their network of service techs will not. so this maybe inconvenient for many ppl at least they are still available.

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Man you guys just live for this don't you? Every time someone comes on here seeking a bit of helpful advise pertaining to one of these machines the same group of people jump in and vigorously spew out the same negative crap time after time, give it a rest fellas or maybe consider a hobby perhaps. :doh:


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If I knew anything about the pc60 I would gladly take the guys money (in advance) in exchange for said knowledge. I don't see a downside.
Save your money, there are "good things" coming from Roland in the near future for smaller applications. I think you can tell by the comments that the PC60 isn't popular - little service, fewer parts, and high cost to print. Put your money where it will do some good - in my humble opinion.