WILL VHB tape stick and hold to Brick???


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I am mounting 1/2" Ultraboard (gator board) prints to a brick wall. The prints are no more than 36" x 24". Will VHB tape hold them to brick or should I use a cleat? I have the 3M VHB clear jelly like tape, 1/2"


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Short answer, yes - if there's enough surface contact. If it's a rough, uneven brick and the tape is on a bunch of high points without a lot of surface contact, then you would probably have issues.


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You can also apply two layers of 3M tape on top of each other and you'll get a better contact on highly textured surface. We've had good results on cinder blocks.
Use a cleat. Easier to install and will be easier to repair later. Plus a cleat allows for easier removing for cleaning or re-positioning.

Chris Keena

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You didn't ask me, but just go with RP45. It's about half the cost of most other VHB's and works great.
I had two picked out, the RP45 and VHB 4658 (removable). The RP45 looks like the more reliable to go on poured concrete that was finished/sealed 14 years ago...