Will Vinyl adhere to this material?

I have a customer that wants lettering applied to this canopy/awning. The material is similar to a polyester fabric. We were going to apply laminated digital print to this substrate and really don't know the longevity of the vinyl as far as the adhesion goes. Can anyone spare some knowledge?


I didn't do the sign above the canopy. Just sayin'.


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If it's like banner material like 13oz. Ultra flex or the many other it will stick but if it's a fabric it wont last long at all.

And the sign above they all look that way, lol


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Has the awning been there long ??

If so, it will behoove you to take the awning down and properly clean it then dry it before you paint it. Otherwise, painting over dirt is probably a pretty stoopid idea.

People are always talking about prepping a surface before attempting laying vinyl or glue or whatever down..... and paint is no different. If you paint dirt, it will start peeling not long after you paint it. Also, these kinds of awning generally have all kinds of retarders and repellants built into them, so be careful, you'll probably need two or three coats to finalize the job. So, quote accordingly.