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I am currently looking to get a new computer. I don't think you can get a new computer with Windows XP. XP is what I am currently using and it works with all my programs, printer and cutter.

My question is will Windows 7 work with the following

Flexi Sign Pro 7.5

Graphtec FC7000

Please let me know what you have done to make windows 7 work.



I have windows 7 and run flexi 8. CS4 illustrator and photoshop and you can utilize the 64 bit for photoshop. Everything works fine for me.

Tim Aucoin

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I'm running Windows 7 (64 bit) on one machine here. Although I don't run those programs, I can tell you that it is quite compatible with a variety of software & hardware. For anything that absolutely needs XP 16 bit (I have two such pieces of equipment/software), you can install and use Windows XP Mode within Windows 7. Just search the Microsoft site for "Windows XP Mode", and it will explain everything for you. Works very well. :thumb:

Steve C.

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I have W7 on one computer, but I don't use any of the programs you
named on it. Only compatibility problems I had was Signlab ES2, Quickbooks98
and the big one, My Wacom Tablet.
I had a laptop with Vista, and rather than upgrading to W7 I had a guy install
XP. Other than looks and a few trendy gadgets, I can see no upside to W7.

Tony McD

My new machine has windows 7 pro 64 bit
I like it...very fast compared to my old machine.

Corel X3 works fine with it. (not supported for windows 7, but works)

Roland Versaworks works fine after getting the 4.0 software.
(the 4.0 software allowed me to install the print driver)

I'm also using Flexi 6.6 v1 by running it in xp mode.
(works fine, just have to attach the device on startup)
So far the Flexi is the only reason to have xp mode.

The Okidata laser has no problems in 7

The Brother laser has no problems in 7

Haven't installed the HP 5500, but pretty sure it would run without any problems.

I did have to get a new scanner.
Had an older HP and there's no driver available for 7

Hope this helps.


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Other than looks and a few trendy gadgets, I can see no upside to W7.

Quite a few drivers already come "built in" to the Win7 OS. It's quite a bit like running a Mac OS really. I think Windows 7 is some much more refined and better then XP.

It still requires more RAM to operate then XP, but it doesn't require near as much as Vista did(primary reason for all the crashes I would suspect).

I run on my Win7 computer:

Ai CS4
DRAWings 4
Wings Modular

I would suggest a custom made computer. It's the route I finally went. It is night and day compared to the already built ones. Especially the ones at Best Buy, but even buying straight from HP etc, custom built is just so much better. I'm not trying to knock HP, I like their stuff, but I just think custom is much much better.


I agree. the custom route is better. Not only that, but some of the parts i purchased individually have a longer warranty than the 1 year given when its pre built.

I run these on my win7 64 bit
Flexi 8
Illustrator CS4
Photoshop CS4/CS5
Corel X3
The wacom

Hell, even starcraft (the original :)) lol I have not had one problem. Thing runs nicely.

Its way better than vista, and I used to love XP but have grown to really like the stuff in win7.


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i just got a refurb Dell w. Win 7 with XP redundancy. 32 Bit.
It runs my GerberOmega 2.5 /Corel 11/HP 5000 no problem

Tony McD

I ordered a dual core processor dell with 6 gigs of ram.
It didn't go too well the first couple weeks, the hard drive crashed a couple days
after I got everything installed, so they had to come and replace it.
Windows 7 took a minute to get used to, but I really like the way it's set up.

I am amazed at the speed of this machine versus my 6 year old dell with 2 gigs of ram.
Would do it again in a heartbeat.


Most modern computers come with tons of RAM, which XP won't recognize, typically. XP recognizes 2 GB of ram then without some real serious monkeying around, won't go any higher, with the 64 bit version of XP it's "possible" to get 4 gb to recognize. While this is true of any computer (32 bit vs 64 bit) W7 is pretty good about shipping with the correct OS loaded.( ram applicable)

The next issue is Flexi, 7.5 won't run native on W7, but will need to run in XP compatibility mode, which is fine, but a pain, flexi 8.6.2 runs under W7, but honestly they should have stopped developing at 8.1.

You'll find your computer to be much quicker with W7 because the amount of ram, your programs will be quicker, and rip times will be shorter.

just my opinion tho.

I custom built mine, which is a
core i7 975
12 gig of ram
Dual gtx 285 video cards
1 tb internal storage
128 gig SSD for my memory intensive programs

I love it, and there's nothing I can't do.