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I've posted a few things here and thanks for all the help. I have been planing to go to Feller's "Wrap School" this summer but I thought I'd ask if anyone has been? What did you think of it? Is there another one that is as good or better? If you ask a salesman at Feller's it's the greatest experience of your life. I'd like a more relistic opinion.

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I did it. It was good. Its like any school you get out what you put in. If you think going to this school will make you a master at wrapping any car or truck out there it wont. But it will lay a good solid ground to start from. It does have a sales pitch to it, so be ready.


I went. Good class. It was kind of a "transition" time when I was there...so I kinda felt ripped on a couple of things, but still, very informative....and a good getaway if nothing else. Just wrap wrap wrap while they're payin' for it. Even during breaks, we had guys that were still wrappin', so just get in all the practice you can on someone else's dime. And ENJOY THE GREAT FOOD TOO!