Wraps - Pretty terrible one i seen today



Was at a car lot in Delaware looking at cars with a friend of mine. He wanted to get a new vehicle so as he was looking i seen a wrapped Ford Flex. Went over to look at it and man, This thing was all butchered up.

I did notice a decal on the rear from a company that is actually on the forums here. I will not point anyone out but man this wrap wasn't impressive at all. Goes to show you just because a companies wraps look good in photos doesn't mean it looks good in person. Previously i had thought this company did great work from seeing their work here and website. I really hope this isn't typical protocol. I feel so bad for the company who received this wrapped vehicle.

This makes me want to do a extra good job if i ever get into wraps in the future.

You be the judge on if this is acceptable...


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This is not a wrap! End of discussion...and the car dealer should have removed it before putting it on the lot for sale.....bad marketing, bad, bad, bad, I saw one of my wraps yesterday, spoiler has a issue... I will call the customer monday, and ask him if I can replace it, for the sake of my company's rep. Nobody's perfect...but self respect is a most in this business! Have a nice weekend, guys and girls!


How old was it?

Found a article online from the company that "wrapped" it and it's actually from early 2010

Looks like calendered vinyl was used if i had to guess and no install experience


few years, some wear and tear, possibly was power washed, or just not taken care of by the customer. Can't really call judgement if you didn't see the original. This's been on there for 2yrs. was it a short term wrap? Looks so since it's on a car lot for sale in 2012 and this was done in 2010.

I agree with JR. I've had things leave my shop, one was this nice plywood sign I had. The customer did his DIY improvement with putting Polyurathane clear over it. Well, it wasn't prepped at all, and when it was peeling started taking vinyl and paint off with it. It looked horrible! If anyone didn't know the backround story, I woulda been crucified over it even though it was the customer doing stuff they shouldn't be doing. I took it back in, and refinished it. Even though I never branded my own stuff, I don't like signs or things I've put out there to look like ****. You bet he paid for it.

Some Customers are just big cheapasses. They take a temp sign, and stick it out for years on end til it's falling apart and they just put duct tape on it, or spraypaint over letters, craziness. Or they mistreat their own stuff. I can say, the only thing I don't like is the folds that I see in the 3rd picture, but I don't know where this is on the vehicle. If it's an inconspicuous spot, I wouldn't sweat about it as the customer, but if it's in a rather visible spot, I'd be ticked.

Just my two cents. There is two sides to this story. I would love to hear the installer's part, and original pictures of when it was finished.
id say that it wasnt taken care of by the customer....granted it looks like the install wasnt the greatest i can see some cut marks under the door handle and some of the patch work on the bumper just isnt how i would do things but wrapping is a personal biz and just like iceman said there are two sides to every story everything cant be perfect just take pride in your work and put the best product out you can and you should be fine


I understand all points made but the cut lines and wrinkles around where it wraps isn't something that just appears ya know?

I know for damn sure i couldn't do any better but i wouldn't let that go out the door with how it was trimmed and installed on the edges.


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That is a horrible install, period. I don't care if you power wash, use solvents, or scrub the car with sandpaper. That was not installed properly.


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everytime i see one of these threads i am worried that i will open it and it's a job i did ...haha
but that didn't hold up so well


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lmao. what an awful install job. Not acceptable at all.

Why would the guy who paid for it.....pay for it.


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Why would the guy who paid for it.....pay for it.

I wonder this all the time - and not only with wraps but everything. Customers baffle me sometimes as to what they are willing to accept. Just like if I paid for a gallon of milk and it was bad - I'd probably take it back and expect a new gallon, right? And that's only 3 bucks.....

Standards seem to be diminishing - both from the sign shops directly, and from customers. So who's to blame? Us, them, both???

Reminds me of something I heard the other day - I was dropping off some signs at a customers sign shop, and overheard them talking to a client of theirs and this is what I heard verbatim: "Vinyl is vinyl. So if you're on a budget we'll just wrap your vehicle with this one here..." (The only catalog on the table was a 3M SC-50 Intermediate color chart....Ugh.)

Either way....Very sad IMO.


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I wonder why is it my customers won't let me get away with the smallest defect and other shops customers are willing to pay for a pile of dog doo.

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I wonder why is it my customers won't let me get away with the smallest defect and other shops customers are willing to pay for a pile of dog doo.
Ya no kidding.

I was talking to a window tint guy over the weekend as he wanted to do some trading for tinting my wifes car.

After talking to him for a while he revealed to me that he adds about 15% to all his prices just for the fact that people will bicth and complain and then he can give them that extra 15% back as a good gesture. After he said that, I started looking at his cars window tint and realized how bad of a job he does.

As for the original pictures. I have done things that have looked like that. NOT to a customers car, but when I first started doing wraps, I went to a junk yard and grabbed some doors and other odd parts of cars to practice on.