Yellow not printing

I have a Roland Versacamm 540i and was using Bordeaux ink. The yellow went empty while in the middle of printing and instead of stopping and warning me like normal it kept printing. Ever since then I can't get it to print more than a couple inches of yellow at a time.

I've used a syringe to pull ink through the lines so there is no air in the lines. I've switched to OEM inks. I've run a cleaning cycle with cleaning solution. I've replace the cap tops. Not sure what else to do at this point. Any ideas?

the graphics co

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call a tech to come out and diagnose and solve the problem. It will cost a few bucks extra, but it will be fixed and up and running.


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start with a damper swap. see if the yellow dampers flow to the adjacent channel/manifold. if they quit coming from a different channel, then you have a supply issue. if the yellow prints at the new channel, they you have a yellow head/damper issue. do that first and get back with us. btw. it's doubtful a tech will do a damper swap. why? because it doesn't cost anything.


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Yep, swap dampers.

Also, when pulling ink through with a syringe, disconnect the line before the damper, and pull the ink very quickly. I've seen air bubbles stay trapped with a slow pull.
The issue seems to be resolved. I pulled more ink through the lines again and it's printing fine. I'm thinking either there was something somehow wrong with the ink cartridge or (more likely) I just never got all the air out. I must have done like 5 cleanings and pulled out about 25-30 ml of ink though. Thanks for the help!