Yellow streaking along prints xc540


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Hi guys,

Another problem I have now is there seems to be yellow overspray all over my test charts (for profiling), does anyone have a clue why this might be?
I'm doing 1440x1440px prints so it's on the highest quality. I've attached 2 images, if someone could help that would be great :)

Thanks again guys, Jamie :)


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Hi again,

I've tried that artbot, but everything seems in perfect condition, would anyone else have any ideas?

Cheers guys,

Jamie :)

P Wagner

Is this problem only occurring while you are printing the swatches for profile creation, or is it doing this for all (production) printing?


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It's doing this at 1440x1440, and billboard res which I think is 360x360, also it does it when I print the Bidirectional calibration chart thingy within the printer LCD menu, Hope someone has any ideas, it's really winding me right up now :p, thanks