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  1. Roland Color Problems

    The Machine was plugged in but powerd off.
  2. Roland Color Problems

    I have not tried a manual cleaening, I will do so and see what happens. I will also get some test prints uploaded so you can take a look as well. Thanks Again for the help.
  3. Roland Color Problems

    Thanks for the feedback. I printed the swatches from the printer less than a year ago, until now its been very reliable to help in choosing my colors. The machine has been seeting for about a month and when I tried printing this job I noticed the colors not matching. For instance when tring to...
  4. online video capture programme

    Any Video Converter...Copy the youtube url and it will the save video in a file type of your choice. The free version only records files under I think 5min
  5. Roland Color Problems

    When pinting (sp-540v) the color is faded when comparing to our Roland Color swatches. When trying to match a color on our swatch book the color is lighter than the targeted color. I have ran a test print and a machine cleaning and everything looks good just light. The machine has no been...
  6. Need Help with a font

    Trying to Identify the font used for Sinclair, Thanks
  7. Computer in sleep mode

    I have had some instances when our roland printer(versacamm 540v) stops printing, it says its still processing but it just stops. Would it have anything to do with the computer being set to go into sleep mode after an hour. Both times this has happened the computer is in sleep mode, but I can...
  8. Looking for Digital Skull Art

    Excuse me, for not using the proper terminology. When I think of clipart I think of single color & single dimensional. That said any help.
  9. Looking for Digital Skull Art

    Im looking for print ready Digital Skull art. I don't want to use clip art and I really don't want to buy a package just single download and I refuse to use Aurora Graphics Any ideas?
  10. VersaWorks Ink Consumption

    In Versawork it gives you the consumption of ink per project (in cc's) used. Is there any where it give you a dollar amount or do you have to figure that on your own? Thanks
  11. Operating System using VersaCamm sp-540v

    I just purchased a used VersaCamm. it is located in a different location than where the design work is being created so Im needing to purchase an additional system to just print from. The original owner was using a machine with windows XP Im wondering if windows 7 will work and how powerfull of...
  12. Name this font

    Any idea what this font is? Thanks Jason
  13. Digital Camera Opinions

    I have been using Olympus the last 3 years and have been very pleased. We have a Olympus c-5060 thats 5.1 megapixels and its been very durable and takes great pics. We just purchased a Olympus Evolt E-300 SLR digital camera its 8.0 megapixels and the pictures are great. I have taken pics that...
  14. Looking for names of Fonts

    I'm looking for the fonts bellow. The "choppers" font is the current font being used but my client would kind of like something like the "s" font which is the "s" from West Coast Choppers. I would like to know what both fonts are though. thanks for the help as always ja
  15. Need Cutter Recommendations!!

    I have a Summa D60 and love it. I use Corel and Freehand to do all my design and then export it to winplot as and eps file and it work great. I personally am not going to spend $2000 on software that I can do the same thing with Freehand or Corel. WinPlot is pretty straight forward but it...