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  1. Retro coloring making a comeback?

    Proofreaders of the world unite.
  2. Colorado Owners

  3. Colorado Owners

    We’ve recently been using it to colour designs, maybe 20 to 30 1m x 50cm prints a day.
  4. Colorado Owners

    OK, thanks guys.
  5. Colorado Owners

    How often does your maintenance tray fill up? Only really started to take notice of this but our 1650 seems to get to about 75% after a month. I understand the need for it to spit to keep the printheads optimal but it seems a bit excessive.
  6. Colorado 1650 Turn AAC marks off?

    Go to Media Manager Edit Profiles Choose the profile you want to edit Media Options (I think, I’m not near the machine at the moment) Gives you a list of roll sizes for that media Uncheck the AAC Normal and Enhanced boxes on the roll size you are using Exit and save changes Open Media...
  7. Need Help Oce Arizona ink vacuum error.

    If you are being told to bleed your ink filter every day then you have air entering your lines constantly, have you asked your tech why you need to do this and why it is happening?
  8. Arizona spitting on prints

    We had the same problem with our 1380GT, I’m conviced it’s either media or static related We printed certain jobs on PVC without problems for ages and then the customer decided they wanted to go “plastic free”. We started printing on coated board and got the same problems as you seem to have...
  9. Wallpaper print

    Hi, You will need to contact Disney and ask them about granting you a very expensive license to use their copyrighted images on your wallpaper. If and when you satisfy their strict criteria they will supply you with hi resolution images to use. They are very protective of their brand and I...
  10. Arizona 350GT White Ink Problem

    We’ve used flush for years without any noticeable detrimental effect, interested to know your reasons for saying never to use it.
  11. Arizona 350GT White Ink Problem

    Have you tried bleeding the white ink filter at the side of the ink bags to see if there is any air in them. When we had a 360 the white used to fade out like you say at about 30% of a 70cm circle we used to print, we got round it by pausing the print at 25% waiting until you can hear the pumps...
  12. Onyx 21 & Mutoh Xpertjet 1641SR Material Profiles

    Open Media Manager Click on Media Library Click Import Choose Import ICC Browse to wherever on your PC you have saved your downloaded ICC. Click open It should now be available to choose when you open a file in Rip Queue
  13. Need advice on lamp settings for Arizona 1300 series

    You will find the user manual here under the manuals tab and choose 1300 series https://downloads.cpp.canon/ProductDownloads/Index/618 To be fair to Canon we got a hard copy of this and a pdf on the PC when they installed the printer. You don’t need your vacuum for the printheads because...
  14. Need advice on lamp settings for Arizona 1300 series

    Hi, We run a 1380 and print nearly everything at 85 leading and trailing, Quality speed and bi-directional. Had it about 8 months and nothing has ever smudged or warped. We had a 360 before that and only ever turned the lamps up towards the end of the 500 hour life but they are LED on the...