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  1. Looking for a s80600

    Call Midas Group - Carlos: 305-978-1551. he sells wide format epson printers and has stock
  2. 4x8 custom printed coroplast sign

    Signs 365 would be the quickest one !
  3. Flatbed UV Suggestions

    Yeah I would check out the SwissQ if you have the budget its expensive but their Generation 4 Nyala looks real good. Recently saw that one at the ISA, Its got good speed. Would also recommend StratoJet Shark EFB for the price and quality I have one of their units for while now works great, the...

    For what I have heard the new HP's are not so great compared to the 360's and 365.

    Maybe you noticed it for the first time. But I do like my stratojet printers, you are right about that!
  6. Mimaki JFX200-2513. buy or no buy?

    Let me know how the EX model demo goes. I have heard positive things about that printer not seen in person myself. I currently use Stratojet Shark Flatbed Printer, been using it for last 3 years - happy with the quality and support here. One thing you will like about most Flatbed Printers is...

    I think UV Roll Printer would be right fit for you, UV inks are very versatile and would work on multiple applications. I was not very please with Roland UV roll printers though. You should checkout Efi, SwissQ if you are looking for something super fast. If you are looking for an upgrade for...
  8. Latex 115 or 315 samples

    Yes you are correct Graphtec and Summa are the best options for cutters if you are looking for a barcoding print and cut solution. You just need to speak with the RIP Support and let them know you are wanting to print barcodes and use them on the cutting too.
  9. Summa vs Graphtec vs Roland

    G Summa is brilliant we have multiple units here, works amazing !
  10. Latex 115 or 315 samples

    Looking for latex printers, also check out Stratojet Hawk Cleanprint. Check samples from them as well, and compare both. Also, would recommend sending your files so you can see the quality in both machines
  11. What kind of color measuring device do you prefer for Flexi?

    Xrite- i one Pro 3 would be the best one to use for this
  12. Discussion Trufire vs Vanguard

    Since you already have a TrueFire you are already know that printer, between the two I think Truefire is the better printer. But since you are looking to do alot of white with you new printer, I would recommend checking out the Stratojet Shark EFB2512(4'x8') once too, they have a white parking...
  13. Which printer would you buy?

    StratoJet Shark FBR-2512 decent speed - 2400dpi - CMYKW + Red (they also have other light and spot colors too), Flatbed and Roll to Roll attachment (with a 100" LED panel for backlit banner which I really like). Saw one of these at the Fast Signs in Phoenix AZ looked very interesting.
  14. UV Roll to Roll printers

    Take a look at StratoJet Falcon XL-3300 a very solid 10ft roll to roll UV Printer. A very competitive to the Karibu product, we get a much higher dpi than that printer, has the same constant tension technology to print continuously and has two media take up and feeders which allows me to run...
  15. Discussion Fastest, single phase power flatbed printer from 200k to 300k

    I would recommend checking out the StratoJet Shark Flatbed Printers. Been using for few years now. In terms of power, it only needs one outlet 208V 30A Single Phase. Ink Price is very aggressive too.., speed I think is now much faster than the printer I have. I am sure its around 800sqft+, but...