contour cut

  1. Krystal Karls

    Contour Cutting Help!!! (Mimaki Printer/GCC Puma Plotter)

    Cannot cut large graphics?? Has anyone else had this issue? We have a separate printer and vinyl cutter. I can print smaller graphics (about 36") on our Mimaki JV33-130 and then contour cut them on our GCC Puma III (precisely with zero issues) but if I try to do anything larger it cannot read...
  2. P

    Creating a contour cut file

    I'm working a contour cut vinyl decal for a client. The decal will be installed onto a glass door. The logo with words is fairly basic; not too many difficult cuts. I'm using CorelDraw and printing on a HP Latex and cutting with a SummaCutter (Flexi Basic rip). My question is, is there an...
  3. J

    graphtec ce 3000 60 contour cutting

    HI Im having trouble contour cutting on a graphtec ce 3000-60 when i send to cut it reads the first registration mark then when it goes to read the second it misses it completely and tries to read the first mark of the second print and comes up with error code MARKERRORCANCEL. Any help would be...
  4. A

    Bomb Sight Alignment Issue with FC8600

    So once I've loaded my media and have begun the bomb-sight alignment with the laser for a Contour Cut, sometimes my plotter head will stop moving across the X axis. The only way around it is to abort the cut job, power cycle the plotter, and start from the top. This usually happens when the head...
  5. Sebastion

    Need Help Summa Cutter is Cutting 1/16 Off Contour Cut Line

    Hello! I have been having immense difficulty with the tracking on my Summa S160 D series plotter constantly cutting my contour cuts lines slightly to the left about 1/16 of an inch which is a big issue for what I am cutting. When I try to do a media alignment the camera goes way to far to the...
  6. T

    Need Help Flexi + HP Latex + Summa

    We have been having massive issues with cut size inaccuracies on a brand new summa s2 160 T cutter, hp latex 560, and sai flexi. We tested the same jobs through winplot and got perfect results. However, when doing it with flexi the cut sizes range from 2mm too big to 1mm too small on small cuts...
  7. S

    Need Help Printing on a mimaki, cutting on a mutoh

    Hi everyone, Recently purchased a mimaki cjv 150-107. printing using rasterlink6, just wondering if there is a way to contour cut my artwork that is printed from there on my mutoh valuecut plotter? is there a plugin etc that I could use in illustrator to put in registration marks that my...
  8. V

    Need Help Please Help!XC540 not cutting properly

    Hi everyone, my XC540 started acting up a few days ago. I cut a job and didnt notice until a weeded it that on a part it wasnt cut. Just yesterday, I was getting some media to contour cut and when I did test cut I couldt find the test. Did it again and nothing. The cutter tool didnt go down at...
  9. I

    Need help Contour Cutting with Mimaki CG130FX

    I use primarily Mutoh Equipment but have an old CG130FX Mimaki cutter that is a great machine. I cut regular vinyl with it, but can't seem to figure out why it won't find the registration marks for contour cutting. I have tried type 1 and type 2 registration marks and have the manual for the...
  10. C

    Need Help Print via maintop cut via flexistarter

    Just starting out, I was curious as to whether there’s a trick to getting flexistarter to contour cut a print printed from maintop RIP software (Chinese printer) I can’t get fexi to read reg marks before the cut. Thanks!
  11. R

    Summa S2 t140 - Contour Cut

    Guys, I made a post not long ago about the Summa at our shop tweaking out and shooting out the roll of vinyl either forward or backwards. We fixed that issue when it comes to just plotting vinyl but now i'm having issues contour-cutting. I have to plot (250) decals for a local dealership so...
  12. M

    Roland SP-300V Contour Cut Issues

    Any help would be appreciated. Roland SP-300V using Flexi to add contour cut lines and Versaworks (newest edition) to print and cut. When cutting out font (any fonts) it will not cut correctly. It either skips parts or doesn't meet up. I've replaced the blade, blade holder, cutting strip...
  13. J

    Suggestions Wasatch Contour Cutting after Laminating Info

    Hi this is John. I need some instructions on contour cutting a printed image after it has been laminated. I have the printing down, I have the registration marks down, and I have the laminating down. My problem is I don't know how to proceed once I get the image printed and laminated. I know I...
  14. Adam24

    Need Help Contour Cutting for print then cut! Help on illustrator

    Hi guys I require some help on illustrator watched youtube videos however still get confused I want to be able to print and cut images.. i can print and cut like stickers in a circle or rectangle easily but I have no Idea on how to get the outline for a custom shape to print and then put...
  15. RWPrint

    Glass Adhere Contour Cutting

    I have been trying to successfully print and cut a simple file at 48"w x 5"h, radius corners, on this Glass Adhere material. The cut seems to be off just a hair. Not sure if the material is slipping when it reads the cut marks...We are repeating 7 units and the cut is a little more off with each...
  16. v0y4ger

    Vintage cutter help - contour cutting Ultima

    Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this... I know that I'm using a cutter so old that it has started to take on a "vintage" status (wait til you hear about the printer). So, back to it. Trying to keep up with the times I thought the whole world of contour cutting could be just...
  17. J

    Mimaki Print / Graphtec Contour Cut

    Mimaki Print / Graphtec Contour Cut. So I am working with some old computers and old equipment .. trying to get going to make it to the next level. I am using a Mimaki JV33 to print large format images. I want to cut contours around images with a Graphtec Q100 .... I've tried everything I know...
  18. P

    Contour cut window graphics

    I print a lot of wide format prints but I don't do any contour cutting in-house because I don't own a contour cutter. Every now and then we get a contour cut job for a client. What's a good price per square for contour cut window graphics? This would be printed in full color.
  19. S

    XC 540 contour cutter

    I'm having issues with the cutter portion of my Roland XC 540. The cut carriage follows the path of the contour cut line, but the blade won't drop to contour cut. Is it simply a setting? How do I test the magnet coil of the cutter? What am I missing? Suggestions?
  20. N

    Need Help Flexi & Versaworks

    Hi I'm having an issue with my contour cutting on my overlapping tiles in both FLEXI and Versaworks, it's cutting everything but the actual side that overlaps? I'm not sure if I have something set the wrong way or what on the RIP settings or what does anyone have any idea what could be going on...