1. S

    Need Help Spraying Matthews MAP High Gloss orange peel Help

    I am having trouble getting Matthews MAP to lay down like I want with Devilbiss Tekna Pro Lite. I am spraying with a 1.4 tip and the te 10 cap but have tried combos of 1.3 and te20. I am an experienced painter and I am mixing correctly, have tried reducing a little more, have correct distance...
  2. L

    Matthews Matte Clear Coat

    I was Curious if anyone had any suggestions on what could be causing my matte clear-coat to cloud out specifically matte black. I've tried spraying it a bunch of different ways with the same result. After letting it gas out it looks less cloudy but not quite perfect. Open to all suggestions
  3. E

    Looking for paint recommendations for ACM / ACP

    Looking to see what others have had success with for painting ACM panels. I have access to most quality paint brands and decent facilities (we don't have a spray booth, but have access to one). Looking for advice on a few facets of this: 1) Substrate (brand, factory coating...) 2) Paints used...
  4. V

    Suggestions Best paint or coating to laser away

    Hey guys, I’m reaching all the laser experts to know what has been your favorite coating/paint to laser etch. I have done anodized aluminum and even painted aluminum but wondered if there is a really good paint to laser etch (ablate away). I don’t want to mark it like Cermark does, I want to...
  5. V

    Question Anodized aluminum blanks

    Hey everyone, does anyone know where I can find laserable anodized aluminum in 18x24 sheets or blanks in different colors? All my suppliers just carry 12x24 but I have someone wanting three laser engraved 18x24 in blue, red and black. I’ve searched but can’t find a supplier or anyone that offers...
  6. P

    Need Help Paint Advice for Outdoor Sign in Ontario

    Hello! I'm about to paint my first sign and I'm a little terrified. Here's a photoshop mockup of the sign. (Dropbox Link to Larger Version) The black panel is affixed to the building. Primed and ready to paint. The Center gold rectangular sign ("Britannia Bake Shop") is a wooden sign that...
  7. C

    Ultimate Compact Paint Spray Booth

    Didn't know exactly where to put this. We are looking to add a paint booth to our shop. Trying to find the best option for us. Looking for a smaller booth. Possible about 10x8. I'm looking for different options. The shop is used for a lot of mixed uses and cars are sometimes kept inside so...
  8. debeer920

    Blistering From Paint Mask Removal

    Hey guys I could really use one help right now. I have done HDU signs before, I’m having some serious issues with paint blistering when removing paint mask l. I am in the process of finishing 2 6’x8’ signs. In the center of the signs there is a large crest that Im attempting to gold leaf but...
  9. M

    Suggestions Decals, I want to know each and everything about it.

    A small startup with signage. Anyone here who could help me learning about decals. I believe there are three major categories of decals which are 1. Window Decals 2. Wallpaper Decals 3. Car Decals All I know about these types, I believe there are plenty of other types out there. I there...
  10. IDB Signs

    Keeping Small HDU Letters in Place while Spraying

    Hello, I have looked around and didn't find anything, so forgive if it has been mentioned before. We are painting some smaller (8-10"H x .75" material) HDU letters with an HVLP setup and are having a hard time keeping them in place while also keeping them elevated to dry. Being so light...
  11. B

    Rant What do you think? Van vinyl

    A person came to us today very frustrated by a body shop close to me. They were supposed to remove old vinyl and apply new vinyl that was provided. This is on a "classic" vehicle that has a pretty good body. The paint was black, you can see my reflection taking the picture. The person comes to...
  12. Bradley D

    Options besides Matthews paint

    Any good paint options out there maybe at Napa for painting channel letters? I'm hoping to lightly sand Alumet letter coil and then use an auto paint to match color I need.
  13. Cyclynn

    Need Help lightweight nylon

    Hello, Good People; good customers of mine just came in wanting lettering on a very lightweight canopy backdrop. I am a mostly vinyl shop; I do some painting, not much. I tested it for vinyl adhesion, and that didn't work. It isn't the canopy vinyl itself... it is a backdrop included with their...
  14. A

    Suggestions Source for One Shot/Chromatic or Ronan Bulletin colors in Gallons

    I've bought sign paints from a Chicago supplier for 38 years and they are suddenly under transition to new owners and cannot even say how long it will take to get a gallon of paint that is not in stock. I know, who uses paint by the gallon these days? Anyway, I am in need of a source that can...
  15. T

    Question Painting HDU

    What are everyone's preferred methods and materials for painting HDU? I am hoping to find something more user/environmentally friendly and faster.
  16. 6

    Mathews Paint Formula 485c

    Happy Easter everyone! Now that we and our kids are sufficiently sugared, we need help getting the formula to mix Mathews Paint for PMS 485c semi-gloss. (or 185c semi-gloss, as it seems this is a tricky color!) Anyone out there able to help? We are transitioning between brands and can't...
  17. R

    Small Cut Letters - Opinions on Vinyl/Paint/acrylic on face only

    I have to cut some 2.5" letters out of 12mm PVC. Not a big deal but painting them afterwards is a pain. I always play with the idea of just putting viny/paint on the face and leaving the edge black or white, but I never do it. I did some searching around today and it seems like all the big...
  18. S

    Problem when routing UV-ink

    Hello from sweden! (Sorry for bad English) We have some problem when we are routing aluminium sheets with full bleed print. The flatbed we use is Oce 550xt and 360GT both with 257ink. We use aluminium sheets with white 0500 paint. aluminium thickness is 1.5mm 1mm and 0.7mm Router Multicam...
  19. bigben

    Suggestions Customer is asking for specific paint before installing wall material

    I do lot of phototex install. I always test the paint/wall before doing my installation. I tell customer tu use low VOC paint and/or cheap contractor paint. So now I've got this customer that want me do give him a specific brand and model of paint. Since I'm there, I would like to get the best...
  20. Vinyldog

    Paint protection patterns

    I'm needing a pattern / vector file to cut paint protection for forward facing surfaces on a 2006 Mercedes Benz C230 Sport. PatternWorx does not offer one. They have one for the C55 AMG but I'm told it is not a close match. Does anyone know of any other source for patterns?