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Air Bubbles


New Member
hum!!!! first choice sign .... better practice if you want to be first choice

use the pin tool or do it right.

Charlie J

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Manbearpig urine


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I'm leaning towards a rotary "work tool"..It's like a wire wheel on steroids...spins about 4000 rpm..it will get rid of any bubbles....Ken


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Use application fluid, use your squeege hard, Don't remove application tape for a hour or so wet down application tape with windex ,pull tape off at a angel and clean :thumb: look mom no bubbles

Let me tell you about application fluid.....just kidding, HAPPY 2008!

high impact

New Member
I drove my truck over one the other day on accident but it worked really well at flattening out the bubbles! Why didn't I think of that sooner?


Service Sign Co

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I'm suprised Dale didn't tell you about the Big Squeege,you wouldn't have bubbles to begin with I guess everyone ran you off since this thread is old

The Big Squeegee

Long Time Member
If you look at his profile you will find that the last time he signed on was when he started this thread.

Okay, so we made a few jokes of it. The archives are full of this type of information and all one has to do is do a search for "bubbles" and prepare to get overwhelmed with serious posts. Well at lest for the most part.

I get the feeling that a lot of the old timers here get a little tired of reading about how great the big Squeegee is. I just think I'd be made to be a bit pushy if I came in on a thread like this and say stuff like "get a Big Squeegee and you won't have any more bubble problems."

Getting a Big Squeegee is a personal choice. One that has been very gratifying to those that have choose to go for it. I often here that it is a last resort to solving a difficult problem. The end result is "I wish I would have gotten one sooner".

Nice one Cadmn!


Professional Snow Ninja
i've actually found that rolling a tape of the same or larger size behind the one you're taping the vinyl with lessens the amount of wrinkles and bubbles....i guess its a cheap mans big squeegee

Service Sign Co

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I realized it was a joke, but I couldn't think of a good way to get rid of bubbles. Before I got a BS the shotgun idea crossed my mind more than once


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I always tell em if they don't dissapear I will replace it. Havent replace any yet. Still need practice as I seem to almost always have bubbles.


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We must have really hurt the feelings of 1stchoicesigns,
this post was from 11/02 and then he never posted again . . . !

Maybe we shouldn't be so hard on the NOOBS !