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another font ID request...


New Member
I did a car show sign with this font a few years ago, but unfontunantly the previous file is one of the 20 gigs from the great crash of 2005.

I don't remember what font it is & whatthefont.com didn't help either, so I'm turning to the signs101 experts.


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ahhhh and I finally thought,,,,oooh I know this one
But, thankfully I hit 'refresh' first because I couldn't think of the name either
(ahhhh man, I'm getting oldddddd too)
would have been depressed when I passed right by it and not even noticed.

Dave Drane

New Member
Doug Allan said:
I finally remembered... Bauhaus.
(my brain is showing signs of getting old!)

You know the best thing about Altzheimers doug, is that you get to meet different people every day!! boom boom!!:Big Laugh