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Another new membere here! Question too!


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Hi all! My name is Mary! My hubby and I decied it was time to do this ourselves. He is a third generation printer and wants all the money for himself instead of his boss! lol

We just started our business in January. We are called Hot Shot Graphix!

We are well on our way! Freinds have been a great word of mouth helpers. Plus we just did our first trade fair.

My question today is does easy weed or a similar product come in gold? Our sign store says they dont offer it, but someone might.

Thanks! Mary


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Hello from MI!! Thermoflex Plus comes in Gold. If you are wanting a shiny, glittery gold use spectra glitter. Spectra ez-weed does not come in gold.

To see the colors in thermoflex and other materials that offer gold you can check out www.beacongraphics.com and click on Heat Applied Materials.

Hope that helps!:Welcome:


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Easy Weed is a term used in a RIP program to make it easier to weed around letters . . .

Welcome to Signs101 !

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Howdee from VA......................

You should try Sthals Cad Cut material they have a gold in their line...............


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Hi Mary...and congratulations on starting your business! My wife and I have owned an advertising agency and graphic design studio for twenty years, and are about to close on a retail location we plan to make into a full-fledged sign shop, so I understand you excitement. Has re-energized my love of design and running a business. Best of luck.