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Another PA member to the list


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Hello Everyone,

I have been a member since 9/2007. I have been taking a lot of info in and getting a lot of laughs out since I joined. This site is very helpful.

I am a Southeastern PA part time sign business. I have been in the sign business since 10/2000. I have full time trucking company and had one of my tank trailers lettered and the vinyl peeled off within 4 months. I looked into a cheap machine and it work for a couple of years. I was making signs for a customer and the machine mother board died. I went out a bought a Roland CX300 and still have it today and works great. I saved up and bought a VP300 in September and still learning.

Well there is some basic info about me and glad to be a member here.


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:Welcome: from SE Ohio. Come on in & jump into the water. Promise that you won't drown, just have a lotta fun. And, don't let the old geezers scare you- they all had to learn sometime:Big Laugh:Big Laugh


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Question....whats more profitable, the trucking co. or the sign business?
(per hour that is)