Any Decent Cheap Plotters out there?


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Hi all, need some advice.

I have a completely unrelated biz now, far from the screenprinting I did in my younger days.

but, now I find myself in need of a small vinyl plotter for a new product line.

Don't need banner size grade, just a desk-top that can do 10-12" high and such.

Can anyone recommend one? :iamwithstupid




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Sign Supply in CA is selling a Graphtec CE 3000 on Ebay for 900 bux.

They are good. I'll find the link shortly.

Jim Doggett

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SignWarehouse sells a Chinese cutter that's actually a good machine (made by Redsail). Plus they bundle it with some pretty solid software (Flexi-made). If I made signs, I'd base my biz on something stronger -- definitely Graphtec. But for the not daily/all-day vinyl cutter, R Series, from SignWarehouse is I beleive the strongest offering in that category / price-range:

Vinyl Exress R Series R24

Idea Design

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It's so bizarre here, sometimes this exact question dawns a nuclear holocaust on the new guy asking about cheap stuff, and other times it's a thread full of the most helpful posts one could ask for.


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If you had a choice between a new POS and a used good roland, graphtec, etc. cutter for the same coin, i'd buy the used good cutter everytime.

Jim Doggett

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good luck on yer new job jim....

Thanks T Man! I'm having a blast, actually. So luck is already upon me. Work is fun here in Germany, but I'll be glad to get back to TX once the US op is up and running.

Meanwhile, my daughter is flying over for a week ... in a couple days. Then the sweetheart comes for a couple weeks. The whole fam damly is getting a Euro holiday out of the deal ... practically.

Also next week, we're having a huge party/seminar/airbrush vs. car-wrap war at the Yellotools compound. Sign-up has been unbelievable, but of course from Germany and surrounding countries. One of our co-sponsors is SEW, in Hamburg. These folks are the gods of car-wraps in Europe. (maybe the world) They train trainers ... for eveyone (3M, LG Chem, etc., etc.). I spent some time with the owners at their HQ, and I gotta tell you, I was blown away. I may quit and become a car wrapper ... uber cool stuff (kidding; the current gig is plenty enjoyable).

Sooooo, while I won't be so droll as to plug our own gig, I've got to put in a plug for SEW: Car Wrap gods



I still have my Sign Warehouse Panther that I started with years ago which has been through hell. It has been flipped and thrown around in my van during an accident and never missed a beat. It sits in the corner collecting dust now but still works lol.