Atlantic City Sign Show


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How many guys here are headed for the jersey sign show? I used to head down there for dysfuntional sign people watchin...but now that I have digital equip... I'll be looking for all the show deals on supplies and valuable learning. But the distraction is all the great looking women and beers at the casino! S--ks dosen't it?


I used to go every year but not the past 2 years. Nobody really goes anymore from what my suppliers have been telling me. IDK why.


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Exactly John, I used to go for the first 2-3 years way back when, but I haven't gone for at least 5-6 years. The last time I went I might have spent an hour there. It appears to me that there's not much interest from what I'm told by others.


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I'm going this morning to drink beer and stare at the women. I might even look at some sign stuff..........


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well, folks, it won't take you long to walk the show......aisles are pretty short there really aren't many at all. It's a shame, actually. Hopefully the seminars are still a draw. I think USSC priced themselves out of the market (from an exhibitors standpoint) vs return on investment as far as attendees go.

It was worthwhile for me to meet a few folks and pick up a sweet new Latex.

There's a lot of LED stuff, great new LED applications for lighting and cabinet illumination if that's your thing.

If you are in the market for a RTR machine solvent or latex there are quite a few dealers selling them. I personally liked Alpha Imaging's deal offering (first aisle on lookers right).

If you are looking for a flatbed there are a few, but I dont think I would make a decision based on what's there, way more products in the marketplace that are not represented.

Where's Gerber? Did they suddenly exit the sign business? LOL!

Where are the routers? Only saw one Multicam and a few (useless to many) baby routers

Hopefully I'll run into a few more of you today!



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idono...2-1/2 hour ride each way only to yawn on the way down...put toothpicks in my eyes at the show and fall asleep at the wheel on the way back...dosen't sound like how I'd like to spend my friday although threas1 has the right idea!
Hey Rick, your so right about the amount of vendors seems to have thinned out over the years, right?


I think Signs101 has single handedly destroyed the tradeshow industry. You can get far more useful "end user" information here than you will from a sales person at any trade show.. As far as equipment goes, every company has a website these days along with youtube if you want to see a live view of anything. You just don't have to go anywhere to get information these days.

Add to that the expense of getting to a show, staying there, food, booze, etc. You could put that money towards the cost of something new!


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I'm going tomorrow [Saturday].

Based on what I've heard from numerous people, it won't take long to see everything, but again, I'm on a mission for certain equipment. Also, I want to talk to many friends from here on s101 and many of the salespeople.

If I'm not mistaken, there's a group from s101 going to meet at the Bull Pen around 1pm on Saturday. Hope to see you there.


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Just got back from WORKING the show, but I always do find the time to walk it. It was def thinned out compared to the last few years, but sometimes you sit and think about how many booths you end up just walking on by anyway and its like 6 in one hand half a dozen in the other.

One thing I will say in regards to not just TyrrellTech but to anyone else who got creative with the booth design is it's nice to see vendors take some pride in the set up and have a little fun in the booth and not just focus on the selling.

Granted, we booked a LOT of equipment but at the same time what made it more fun was the Monopoly theme. We even let some customers roll the dice to gamble for an additional few hundred more off.

If you were looking for some new equip, this def was the time to buy as it seemed everyone had a variety of deals! All in all, it was a great show and it was nice to see people having FUN with it above everything else. If all can't enjoy what we do, there isn't any point in it no matter how you spin it.

Thanks to all for a great show~!


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I went Friday. I spent 2 1/2 hours at the show and the rest of the day driving and waiting on the ferry. If you took all of the LED people out of the show it would have been reduced to 1/2 its size. But, for me the trip was well worth it. I found a new application for vehicle signs that I can sell here in my area that was prtetty cool. That by itself was worth the trip. I met some new-2-me vendors that I have been wanting to make contact with. The BullPen was amazing. The artists were doing pin stripeing, Just watching them work was fun & inspiring. So, maybe it wasn't the greatest show on earth but, anytime I can find just 1 new idea to boost sales makes the whole day worthwhile. I will go again.