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Ayuh, nuther newB


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Hi my name is Jim and I'm a (fill in the blank) from Maine. I started engraving full-time 5 years ago during an unemployment period. Now work days as a business analyst, evenings as an engraver. Intend to leave day-job and go fulltime as soon as I can, as I'm going through a major expansion. Recently added sandcarving and a rotary engraver, plus hot foil. 32" plotter is in shipping now and also adding heat transfer. Have several shears to do custom plates, hope to expand with the vinyl and heat transfer. Just built a two story workshop 20x24 adjacent to my house. Heat went in this week and working on finishing interior walls now. I'm married, 60, with twin 14 year old sons. Glad to be here, looks like you have nice forum, looking forward to being a member.

Jim Kennedy, Sr.
Just the 4 of Us Engraving & Signs
York, Maine


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Welcome aboard Jim. I'm relatively new here too. Soak in everything you can. You can't know too much when it comes to this line of work.


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I saw the "Ayuh" and knew there's another New Englander on board! I spend a good deal of my vacation time down in York & Wells Beach. Really nice area of Maine. Maybe I'll run into you on the beach!:Welcome:


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Welcome from Indy.

Sounds like you have done quite a bit of sandblasting in the past. If you need anything at all, let me know.
Sandblasting is obviously my "cup of tea" :Coffee: and I will certainly help you to improve your blast operations if at all possible.
I'd like to help you accomplish jobs faster without sacrificing ANY quality.
(Knock out MORE jobs in the same or less time, and consequently make more money.)