Hey, I have Roland Sc 540 Ex pro II. I am having a problem with banding. No matter what I try to print it has banding. It is a small white line about every 1/4 inch. On banner, it's not as noticeable, however on vinyl it shows badly. I have cleaned, did test print, the black head is firing about 90%. I have tried many different profiles, when I use more than 720 the image just gets hazy. Any thoughts?

Jack Knight1979

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it's not a feed problem is the head is misfiring or missing nozzles.

how old are you dampers? can you get the nozzles to come back after a cleaning? you should try a head soak in cleaning fluid.

pm me if you have any questions.
The damper are fairly new. I had this printer serviced about 2 months ago. It was printing good till about a week ago. The banding has gotten a little worse every day.

paul luszcz

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I respectfully disagree; it sounds exactly like a media feed problem. The tricky part is to determine whether your RIP or your printer are setting the feed rate. Doing test prints and correcting it at the printer will not help if the RIP is set to override it.

White stripes indicate the feed rate is too slow and yes, it very much varies by media, which explains why the problem is worse on one media than another.
Was using all Eleven Ten ink, had a problem with them. Used them for about a year with no issue, then they switched cartridges and they did not register in the printer anymore. So now I am slowly switching back to oem. About half and half in the machine.
Hey guys, I only have the problem on vinyl. On banner it does not happen. I can print a solid black field on banner and no banding. If I try it on vinyl, I get a white line about every 1/4 inch. I have tried a lot of different profiles and I get the same thing. How do I adjust the media feed in Wasatch.

That sounds like an unusual problem, we haven't had any problems with our Roland chips registering in the machine. I'm sure we can help you with this issue.

We would like to assist you in any way we can. Please give us a call on our technical support line: 1-866-597-1110 opt 3

J Hill Designs

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I know on my printer (not the same one btw) I set media feed per material used...maybe is your media set to banner when printing on vinyl (on the printer)?


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The more I read, the more it sounds like a media feed issue. If it were a missing nozzle or ink starvation issue, the problem would likely occur across different media.

Pressure sensitive vinyl and scrim banner likely feed at different rates and require different media feed values.

I'm not familiar with your printer/RIP. So, I don't know whether the feed is controlled by the RIP or the printer itself or if you can set the printer to override the RIP's settings.
one things that we run into on our printer (roland sp-540v) when we start to see banding is that our data strip is dirty. we use ISO and a paper towel to wipe it off.

Jack Knight1979

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I agree with the feed issue. It sounded like his heads were clogging at first.

I do a feed calibration on my machine and set the rip to use the printer feed settings.

For scrim I'm any where from +90-110%.

On adhesive vinyl I'm around 25-45 depending on the brand.

Jim Hancock

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When cleaning the encoder strip, use alcohol with a low water content or pure alcohol, which is better. I had a customer use 70% alcohol and he wiped out his encoder strip. It is a piece of graphics film and water will soften the emulsion and make it easy to damage during cleaning. If you've used 70% alcohol in the past and gotten away with it, count your blessings. That strip is very expensive.