big job I just finished

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Just finished two of these heaters at an asphalt refinery down in Savannah, Ga. Total size of the lettering was 22' x 8'. All painted from a lift, no vinyl used. Used pounced patterns and latex paint.

Felt good to do this, very satisfying. Not counting the layout, actual painting time was about 5 hours per side.

Still have to do a water tank, it will be about the same size layout.


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Refreshing to see some painted work! Nice job. It's also SO refreshing to actually be painting it, huh!

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Thanks for all the kind words.

Yes it was satisfying, the guy that was running the man lift asked me how many guys in this part of the country could do this type of work. I told him maybe enough to count on one hand.

I told him you just take a big job and break it down into small sections, not only the physical part but also mentally. That's the way it works for me anyway. It keeps you from being overwhelmed. And yes, once you have it laid out it's just following the lines.

The surface was coated with some type of high temp latex paint, since these were heaters that evidently heat asphalt to several hundred degrees. It was semi rough, I used a fitch for the smaller letters and a 2" brush and 3" roller for everything else.