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Can anyone tell me if

Al Checca

New Member
Your using Flexi to push your Mimaki?
We just bought one and would like to use Flexi untill we purchase Sign Lab.


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Al you may want to talk to isigns (Doug) he was at the last 4edge meet, I'm pretty sure thats what he uses.


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Hey Al,
We bought our JV3-130SPII a couple of months ago & we have been running straight through Flexi. We started with a bootleg copy of 7.6(I know, tsk, tsk). It did not work well, so we got the legitimate copy of ver.8. Works like a top!!



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Flexi works great in running a Mimaki. Also MUCH easier on the print to cut for someone just starting out.

Good Luck!



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Al, Brian is right, that is my arrangement too. & I agree with the others that it is a fine arrangement. If you use Flexi-Pro... it has a good rip already & is all you will need. I have it on a dedicated workstation & although it is a powerful (& expensive) design tool... I really mostly just use it to output my jobs. The designs are typically done on my Adobe software first.

I also have signlab & just use it for cutting vinyl, on another dedicated workstation, so different people can run different jobs simultaneously.

My edge runs on Omega on another dedicated workstation.


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We run our Mimaki JV3 from a dedicated RIP station using Flexi. Flexi has a great RIP, and we also use it for design so it was a no-brainer for us.