Can the sheeter be used as a laminator


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I just got my 24" sheeter and I am loving it. I thought I saw someone say you can't use it as a laminator. Was just wandering why you wouldn't be able to use it as a laminator. Looks like it would work great. ANyone have any information as to why not would be greatly appreciatted.

Fred Weiss

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there was a post a couple of weeks ago which alerted members that Sheeter is working on a masker that will also handle laminating. Supposedly due to come out next month. I would expect that it will add a takeup roll for the release liner which would make it a lot easier to apply lamination.

As it is now, it is a very awkward two person job to use it for laminating.

I'm hoping they will offer a conversion kit so I can convert mine which would free up my Ledco 44" to be sold. If not then I will probably buy the new sheeter and sell both my Ledco and my old 30" Sheeter.

Fred Weiss

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LvDecals said:
Fred, why sell the Ledco?

The only laminating we do is of our Edge prints for one good sized customer that requires it. The balance of our Edge prints are handled with a clear UV/Abrasion Guard overprint.

We do not have a wide format inkjet and do not plan to get one. In order to handle our laminating needs (after attempting it with the 30" Sheeter), we picked up a used, like new, Ledco. It is overkill for our needs and could be sold for several thousand dollars.

Fred Weiss

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signsbydale said:
Check out this new hand laminator.
Laminates up to 48" and costs $150.
Includes: 25" & 48" squeegees, manual, and 45 minute training video.
Hand Laminator/Squeegee
Takes a little time to download but well worth it!:thumb:

It says Please Be Patient but after five minutes on a broadband connection, I'm no closer to seeing anything than when I first arrived at your site. Also, your suppliers link generates a Not Found error. Might be time to go back to the drawing board.


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no patience required here...

I must have shown up at a good time (or Fred's comment got Dale's webmaster back on the ball :tongue: )

the short video started playing instantly when I arrived at the link. The supplier link was still broken though.

$150 seems steep for what it is, but it did seem handy. ...probably sell 3 times as many if they were $89, & it seems that would be a good profit still.

Fred Weiss

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Ahh So ... It doesn't run in Firefox but it does run in Internet Explorer.

I agree that $150 seem beyond the best price point for marketing a lot of units.


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while I'm at it, I might ad spending more then $89 on the website wouldn't hurt either...

...but still a warm welcome to you Dale!

I think you got something worth marketing & as usual I don't mind speaking honestly if I think I have constructive criticism worth mentioning.


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yes,, and it would be nice to know your company name link is an email address and not a web page..

Firefox is becomming a well used browser. Its worth mentioning that web pages should conform to mozilla type browsers.
Thanks for the input folks.
The $150 price tag is pretty cheep if you compare it with the alternitives.
I've been working with this design for about two years.
I would guess the payback would depend on how much you use it. If you used this squeegee continually for one day it would pay for itself twice over in that one day.
Then there is the space issue. Can you hang your laminator on a wall and out of the way?

Okay so I'm my own webmaster. Give me a break! I'm selling laminators not web

The suppliers link is not broken... it just isn't
I would rather sell to sign suppliers but have not got any set up yet.

This is a new product. The seemingly high price is set so that we can do emprovements such as setting up extrusion manufacturing and product developement. Of course you could wait until the price comes down and miss out on the use of this product until then.

At this point, if all I could get is $89 a set I would not persue it futher.
The video is $30. that would leave $59 for 6 feet of squeegee (2 squeegees) and a guide.

It won't be available in Wal-Mart!


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Hi Dale,
I see your point, & in no way am I trying to tell you how to run your business... but for a concept that, while interesting & appearantly effective, is so basic in design & function, I just don't see how much video information can be needed to justify increasing costs by 20%
I see your point Doug.
The video is more than showing how to use the squeegee to produce signs faster with less bubbles, Scratches, wrinkles, and mess. You would have to see the whole video to realize how much it can help in the sign making process.

I guess the biggest problem for marketing this is that we made a tough job look too simple. We'll take another look at it.


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signsbydale said:
Okay so I'm my own webmaster. Give me a break! I'm selling laminators not web

Unfortunately it makes all the difference in the world. Especially at the prices you are trying to sell at. Your webpage no offense is worse put together then old geocities free websites back in the 90's. If the site itself is not appealing in the least bit I highly doubt anyone will take your products/prices seriously.

Why not look into something like that will host the site, have some templates you can choose from plus it is all automated in terms of accepting payments, selling from your website along with selling on auction sites such as ebay & yahoo. Automatically sends out emails to winners, to orders being placed, to when they have been shipped out. Even if you choose not to sell on auction sites its still better/cheaper and includes shopping carts etc. Check it out.

Just my 2¢

Fred Weiss

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I spoke with the head of the company several weeks ago after Mike Paul made a post about the laminating version coming out in January. He informed me that, yes

  • An adapted version will be coming in January
  • Older models will not be able to be retrofitted
  • The laminating version would sell for "$100" or so more
He agreed to drop me an email when the new units are available. Haven't heard anything from him yet.