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clipart logo design


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OK... I know that topic heading is looking for trouble... but I chose to post this logo under software>clipart & digital files... instead of logo design, or portfolio... because I have given the
to people wanting to buy Vector art etc. because I always say it paid for itself.

Well this logo brought in $500 & my time in it was not that much.

I used a truck from the Vector Art Mega Collection, & a "Sign Blank" from an Aurora fill collection.

I am fine with critiques... but it's done, approved & printed!


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RJ California

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Looks like easy money. I need to start charging more for artwork, that's for sure.

I like VectorArt 1&2 alot -- 3 is coming out soon I here.


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I just printed 4 of them for his first 2 trucks. I had told him $400 per truck... but I thought there would be GVW... PUC, & TARE numbers & truck numbers... & phone numbers...

Turns out they are just pickup trucks... So, whip up some white phone numbers with a black outline & I told him I'll give him the 2 trucks for $700 deal! He was real happy with that!


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Ref. Clipart Logo Design

Hi Doug,

You bring up a good point especially for those rush jobs or if you are unexpectedly short handed!

Best Regards,

Gary / Sign FX



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Looks real cool....and some nice cash for a days worth of work.


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Great job my friend! I am completely UNoposed to using clipart, and to be honest, I don't even consider the collection to be "clipart",

This is a collection created by sign people, for the industry, to me, clipart comes from Broderbund, or some other source. MOST of which has very little decent usable art.

Good job, I see NOTHING wrong with the design, and the price... well, GOOD FOR YOU! :thumb:


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Most designers aren't illustrators. Using clipart is like getting an illustrator to draw up what you need. Nice work Doug.


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good points. I have no shame in drawing from those resources... & typically wouldn't refer to them as clipart either... but I guess I went for the attention-getting topic title as a lead in to encourage others to take advantage of these resources as well.

Like Marlene said... we can't all draw every design element we can artistically pull together... just as we don't all design fonts, or hand mix colors...

...so having these collections on hand is like a shelf full of herbs & spices in the kitchen. Sure, I may have a little Basil or Cillantro in the garden... but I'm not going to limit the speed or abundance of paying design work going out the door by being afraid to pull a bottle or can off the shelf to spice up an original creation.


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I don't like to use clip-art myself but for being a clip-art snob, I have a huge collection of it. If I ran a traditional sign shop I would use it, I use it for print work, there is no way I could compete with quick layouts if I had to hand draw something like that.....all my clipart is catalog stuff so I have to scan it :(


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A true craftsman can and will use any tool at his/her disposal. Clipart is one of those tools. Font libraries are another. Computers still another. Just because it’s not done right off the brush, doesn’t limit you to a back seat. Not every ‘Great’ artist that lived over the centuries was good at their task. They had styles and techniques and used different mediums. That’s why most of us enjoy some while not others.

Great job, Doug !! :thumb:

My only thought to your logo is….. shouldn’t there be whales or porpoises jumping in & out of the water…. frolicking around ?? LOL