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Crossroad for the my business...


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Been in the sign biz about 7 years... owner/operator for the past 5.
I have found that 'ready to apply' is a beautiful (and profitable) niche for me. I try to stay away from the 'we do it all' mentality... because frankly I don't WANT to do it all.

The crossroad thing is where I’m at with this business...
Want to grow it... take it to the next level (don't we all?)
However; I’m becoming burned out being a 'one man show'. had a record year in 06 (doubled profits from 2005) and heading for a successful 07... but unfortunately my passion for the biz is waning...

On the fence about investing in a mutah printer (and a new Graphtec cutter)... I do a lot of print & cut... looking for new ways to make money by doing more of the same...

Have a love for fine art (namely creating my own) - would love to somehow find a bridge between vinyl graphics and art... the search continues...

my website: www.signmaxcsg.com
another biz website for a line of T-Shirts I designed: www.positiveinc.com

high impact

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Hey Darrin,

Nice to see some positivity in a negative world (sometimes this forum ;-)).

Get your leading from the same place/person you got your creativity for the positive message!

On a side note I used to live in Columbus - went to college there. Really miss that city.


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blik looks like someone just bought things from iStockphoto and hit the print button =/ but um...damn looks like a great idea and they did a good job @ it.

Jon Aston

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Breaking out of a "rut"...


Blik and Wallwords (Thanks for the link ovrcafnatd) are both representative of one of those "Now, why didn't I think of that?" ideas...things that anybody in this business could do...but that few actually do.

Even if your design chops aren't up to par, you could always strike a partnership or alliance with a local designer...or with the local community college's design/arts program.

And on that point, here's another link: Relationships for the Self-Employed


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Hmmm, pretty nice RTA niche. Just gotta put it in people's heads. They are not used to thinking of this. Someone make a pitch to home depot...or actually, don't, haha!


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My wife found out about Wall Words a while back, and started doing something very similar for some people locally...she decided to call them Welcome Words...still VERY much a fledgling part of our business, but a good idea as has been said.

Jon Aston

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This looked like it had the makings of an interesting discussion...but I am left wondering if signmax every made it back to the thread to read the suggestions he was getting.

Hate when that happens.

Vision Artworks: If you do some digging you will find that there are some print-ready vinyl wallpaper (aka "wallcoverings" in the wallpaper industry) materials available. Note that they are flame retardant. Removable adhesive isn't a must, but kinda makes good sense, in most cases.