Ever get stuck with a .BIZ file???


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if so can it be saved as a vector file?..would be a much easier option
than to have Joe Customer gather the original elements that he used to
put this disaster together.


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Unfortunately, yes. I think .biz is some sort of Print Shop extension. Maybe you could have the customer save it as a pdf using a pdf plug-in like PrimoPDF. However, it may be easier to start from scratch rather than walk them through the process. Gotta love Joe Customer and his Tickle Me Elmo software.


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To all my customers : Please refrain from supplying me with
doc, pub, ppt, pps and/or any other file you think you've achieved
as the great designer you are . . .

These files are useless to me !


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I don't need to figure out what they're sending me . . .

I just need them to stop sending it . . . It's absolute garbage, that usually cant
be worked with !

Fred Weiss

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I have a friend in the business who asked me to look at three files he was unable to open ... all with EPS extensions. Neither Illustrator CS2, nor Corel X3 nor FlexiSign could budge them.

So I opened one in WordPad to see what was in the file and saw that they had been created in Microsoft Excel. The customer had been asked for EPS so he obliged by converting them to EPS by way of renaming the Excel spreadsheets to have the EPS extension. I then renamed the extension to .XLS and opened them in Excel where I could copy and paste the art placed there into a graphics application.

Don'tyajusluvwatsum customers do to help you. :rolleyes: