Font ID, merci beaucoup.


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Need as fast as humanly possible.

Thanks in advance.


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Actually this font is GE Inspira, a font developed for General Electric. It is not commercially available and can only be downloaded by GE employees and contractors who do design for them. Probably downloaded from a pirate site
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Yeah the part that triggered my mind on this one was the name "eco". It made me think of ecomagination which is a phrased coined by GE. Thus I remembered that they use this unique font in all of their advertising/tv spots. The font sites won't ID this one because it is not able to be purchased


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This is what she told me. I tried to give her Vag, Arial rounded, FF Speak...etc. and she would not accept the "w" not being "bloated". I told her that was a simple fix and she insisted I use the correct font "that her son made".