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Font package..............


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For 150$ What package would you buy.......LetterHead-6 fonts or Signfonts 33 fonts


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Pro-Motion Graphix said:
For 150$ What package would you buy.......LetterHead-6 fonts or Signfonts 33 fonts

Always a tough decision when purchasing fonts, because I want them all! Considering I already have the Sign fonts 33 and can't decide on what 6 fonts I would choose from letterhead - Sign fonts 33 would be my answer... Most of the Letterhead fonts I REALLY want can't be grouped into that package (ie Sarah script, Billhead, Ballpark script). There are still plenty of great fonts to choose from though. Either way you're going to have some great new tools to use, good luck deciding!

If you are limited to one or the other, buy Steve's first, and the in a couple of months go back to LHF. Steve will give you more to play with for the time beiing until then.

Just my thoughts.


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I've done both this year. I'd also vote for Steve's first, but then down the line, get LHF's as well!


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I've done both too and would recommend Steve's package and then the LH Fonts secondary. I use the A&S fonts (Steve's fonts) probably more regularly than I use the LHF fonts I have but I do enjoy the Letterhead Fonts too.


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Thanks guys,Im going to go with Steves fonts,and then down the road go with the LHFs


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Pro-Motion Graphix said:
For 150$ What package would you buy.......LetterHead-6 fonts or Signfonts 33 fonts

Interesting question. It strikes me that if you have to ask then you'd be better off with the Signfonts collection. If you didn't have to ask, you'd have just bought the Letter Head offerings.

It also depends on just what you're doing and you're style. If I were doing weekly grocery store banners and such there'd be no question that the casualness of the Signfonts would be my choice. If I were doing work of a more permanent nature I'd opt for the Letter Head collection.

No matter which, don't go crazy. You need to treat these faces as you would specimen plants in a landscaping scheme. You don't fill the yard with them, you use one or two here and there for focus and/or accent. If I had one sweeping criticism of most of the work displayed here it would be typographical confusion from using too many specimen type faces in one work.

Most people's time would be better spent coming up with one or two or so basic sans and basic roman workhorse faces that reflect their style rather than rushing out and cornering the market on specimen and specialty faces. Not any of the ghastly Helvetica/Swiss/Times Roman and other institutional looking dreck either. We're talking signs here, not eviction notices. You'll use your workhorse faces all of the time while you will, or at least should, use the specimen faces sparingly.

Ian Stewart-Koster

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I've spent similar money on both, plus the Fontry's collection.
In order of preference, go for A&S!
(just wait till you get paid for a job & invest in the next collection with some of the proceeds- you'll be glad you did!)

DNA also have some really useful ones- I'd say I use Buzz more than most, although to look at it, it doesn't make you jump for joy, it's a good clear big bold casual font.

Craig Sjoquist

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wow I can't wait till I get to choose between fonts and other software needed ,there is so much out there these days,it seems you can spend thousands on just related clip art that you really use I'm in awe by it all,the younger generations have really got it made and so glad for them, I was just happy I didn't have to make paint and basic colors to do a sign, also so greatful that I had a excellent teacher, so I hope this 30 years will be just as fun .....THANK YOU & ENJOY LIFE