Gday from Oz


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Hello to all, just a quick intro .I have had a passion to become a sign writer since i was a schoolboy growing up in England.I am now 49 years of age and have been airbrushing for 12 of those , mostly as a hobby . Now I want to rekindle that passion for traditional hand painted signs and pinstriping .Paticularly hand striped wagons like the Romanys (Gypsys) used to travel in and the trailers and carnival rides i remember as a boy. Looking forward to hearing from members. any tips or advice. help on the history of the Romany caravans greatly excepted. Bye for now.:beer

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Welcome from California!

Having been to UK, I gotta say you're damn lucky to be in AUS now. Excited to see your work in the future!


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Hello from PA.
Never been to Oz but had a good friend from there, John Jordan.
I used to sit on his lap at meets and he was about the same height as me.
He used to bring me TimTams but I would have sat on his lap for nothing.
Ian Stewart-Koster does a fair bit of wagon striping, and posts here.
He has some cool projects.
It always seems to be quite an intricate bit of work.
I like to see that, also am in love with narrow boat painting but my roses never come out right.
Have painted a bit with folks across the pond.
I am still a novice after 25 years.