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Every once in a while I get surprised. Had a new customer today that was thrilled with what we could do for her in house. She met our shop dog Stan. A short while after she left she came back in with a gift of a pastel done by Robert Hickey of a Doberman named Whit. After some digging around I found that Whit was in AKC shows around the mid 50's so this is a rather old piece. Robert Hickey was a prominent artist who specialized in dog portraits at AKC shows. The lady got this piece from an estate sale and although she doesn't like Dobermans something about it grabbed her. She has had it stored for many years and when she met Stan she said she knew she had finally found a home for Whit. This piece will look nice on the wall in my "Man Cave" and I will cherish it for a long time!


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What a thoughtful gift, looks like it was meant just for you.
(the best gift I ever got from a client was a 1915 Atkinson which had belonged to his father, a signpainter)


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Very thoughtful! I've gotten a dozen fresh eggs, a box of doughnuts and a king cake. I guess my customers know that I like to eat!