Greetings From The Volunteer State

We just stumbled upon this site and am so glad we did. I have accomplished exactly zero, zilch, nada since I found the site because I have been reading and reading some more. Lot's of great information and some very "unique" personalities here...I LOVE IT!

I guess I would be considered an old timer, with 30+ years in the graphics industry...from 4/C printing when it took an entire room to house the scanner to being very handy with a pounce wheel and a one stroke brush, been there done that, own most of the t-shirts. I have held my breath as I put a brush to on a $200K tour bus and watched my heart beat through my shirt at the top of a 45' SkyHook with wooden rungs and a hand crank.

Now I'm old and spend too much time clicking a mouse and too little time with a can of One Shot. Anyway, like everyone else in the world, I design, cut some vinyl, fabricate, install and maintain the good, the bad and, yes sometimes even, then ugly.

The one thing we don't do is print vinyl...and have no intention of doing so. Having said that, we have been looking around for a good place to outsource this work. It seems, here in the time share capital of the world, every other vehicle has been wrapped, and to keep our current clients we are going to be drug kicking and screaming into that field. I would love to hear about good choices to outsource this printing business to.

Again, happy we found this place.

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Welcome from Illinois.....:Welcome:
Check out the Merchant Member Directory. There are quite a few on there that you can outsource your printing.

Craig Sjoquist

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Welcome to a outstanding Signs 101 & people.

Still enjoying hand lettering here.

Outsourcing print is the best way
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome...yes even you London lol. And btw...a belated "well done" to your basketball (and sadly yes...even your football cats).


Welcome neighbor (from Knoxville)! Great forum here with a ton of information. If you ever need anything turned quick/locally for pickup, we would be happy to help out. Other wise, there are a ton of great Merchant Members here.