Have you ever heard of Cupric?


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Have you ever heard of the font Cupric? A customer came in today and requested this font on their sign. Where can I locate this font? I did a search on the web and came up empty. Any help would be great!
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Are you sure of that spelling? Could it be cooperic?... a knock-off name for cooper. Thinking about it a bit more...Could it be "Cupertino"? Another thought....."Cupric" is another name associated with Copper II (metals) Example: Cupric Sulfate, The "Cupric" that you are looking for could be a knock-off of "Copperplate". Damn, I hate knock-off font names!
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Thanks for all your help! I don't have a sample of what it looks like...the guy just said that was the name of the font he wanted. I had him spell it to me because I never heard of it...and he spelled it Cupric.

I will just do up the design with the fonts you requested and go from there.

Thanks again!!

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it might be some font associated with a specific consumer based graphic program. Maybe they have the font on their computer.


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ask the customer where he heard of this font like AAgirl stated it might be program specific, therefor a knockoff of a known font with name changed to protect the innocent?