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Hello Everybody!


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My name is Jesse and I reside in Sacramento, CA. I am 28 years old and run my own sign shop in Citrus Heights, CA. I started crafting signs with my mother when I was 13 years old. I moved to Sant Barbara at 20 and worked at Sign-A-Rama as a graphic designer for three years. I finally realized that making money for other people is a joke. So hear I am. I purchased some nice equipment and I am on my way. I sure am glad to find a useful website like this with so many knowledgeable people like yourselfs to help me through the rough times. Hopefully I can help some people along the way as well.

Good luck to everybody in the business!


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Welcome to the group - i just started my own biz as well, what kind of equipment are you starting with?


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Bonjour de Montréal, Jesse :)


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Welcome SignCrafter for American SignCrafters
We are going in to our fourth year, I am in my forties and have been an agronomist for 25 years but we have had some pretty bad weather, droughts, severe hail storms the last 7 years and just needed to diversify our income sources.