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Hello Everybody

Anthony Allen

New Member
Greetings and salutations to all. Obviously i am a newb here , so please forgive my ignorance.Basically i want to manufacture my own t-shirts which are text based i have decided that a vinyl cutter would probably be best coupled with a heat press. So its the usual stuff: which one is best/value for money/any pitfalls with the system/other options etc. I have no prior knowledge and am doing this from scratch so I have to consider the financial side of things.Any help here would be greatly appreciated. I just want to get it right first time! respect.


New Member
Hello and Welcome to signs101. I was in the same place you were and found this site 1 yeand and 1/2 ago VERY helpful resourse's here. Frog around with searches and chances are you will find it if not ask there are alot of people ready and willing to help.


The Big Squeegee

Long Time Member

Be sure to look into digatal printing of t-shirts. Digital will be around long after the screen printers have given up. Good luck at whatever you do.


New Member
Welcome from Amarillo, TX..... For a vinyl plotter look at Roland, Graphtecs and Summa's. If you like to save some you can buy a SSK Designtech from sign supply of kentucky. It is actually a graphtec relabeled to SSK with less features of course. In terms of a heat press figure around $400-$700 for this alone. There are a couple of places you can go for heat pressess. Try imprintables.com or you can do everything from SSK.