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australia banners

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HI Guys, :Australia

Our signs company specializes in large printing of outdoor banner signs and other flexibles such as billboard skins, outdoor advertising signs etc.

We print and make large and small banners with all the usual R&E, Nylon edging etc. Capable of up to 4850mm wide full color printing in one pass, and 3.4 mm in one pass.
Predominantly Solvent long life outdoor CMYK.

The company started in over 10 years ago and we have our own in house art team of 8 staff plus production printing crews. We make work for Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Adelaide Perth Hobart Darwin and all regional cities and rural, pretty much everywhere in AU.

For me, I've been lucky enough to travel the world a few times and have seen the different styles and techniques from different countries so am looking forward to sharing tips and portfolio's with an Australian flair & perspective. Australia is a land of sunshine, so we take care about UV for all jobs.


P.s Where is the best place to post pictures of signs etc on signs101?


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G'day mate!

Welcome aboard. You will find some very friendly people on this forum. Also, Activity Software has quite a few customers in Australia and I was lucky enough to visit there in 2005. Just plain beautiful!


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Welcome from British Columbia, Canada.
The home page here explains how to post photos.

australia banners

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Thanks everyone for the huge welcome. Wow, so many sign guys. Impressive board.

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(did I say heart?)


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Welcome from the Greater Chicago area!
You all do it very "upright" there too! I enjoyed my visit last Oct/Nov. What a gorgeous country you have, and I can see the beauty of 200 years old; there's still a lot of nature left!