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Hello from Germany


New Member
Hello All,

my name is Guido, I am from germany and over 25 years in sign and digital printing.
I started back in the very early 90s with screen printing for t-shirts and stickers and go up with the early lfp printers till now ;) oh yes .. that colors all over the floor.. jamms, clocked nozzles, banding, color bleeding, ...

Today we are in heaven ;)

Owning an arizona 360GT, HP Latex 365, Summa DC5 and some older HPs and Roland Printers.
of course summa vinyl cutters...
So thats my bussiness. Now i expect running in some issues with my "old" OCE so I thought why not signing up if that thing will make trouble i will be prepeared to ask some people here...

So keep on working!
Kind regards