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Hello from NJ !!


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Recently established Digital printing company in Linden, NJ. Printing is done Solvent based on a Vutek 3360 Six Color printer. Seamless up to 126" in width with the ability to Heat-Seam on our Miller Weldmaster.

Available Substrates include:
Glossy or Matte Banner Vinyl
Self-Adhesive Vinyl (flat or contoured surfaces)
Paper, Fabrics and Mesh

Check out our website, shoot us an email or give a call!

Excellent service, high quality and wholesale prices.


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Hello from Hawaii!

Please check out the FAQ link at the top of your screen. Then click the "Forum policies" link to read about self promotion...

...or click HERE... & you will find this:

What is self-promotion and is it allowed?
Self-promotion is any form of post or advertisement intended to attract orders for products or services from other members and guests. Signs 101 provides several authorized procedures for this purpose.

Merchant Membership by paid subscription
Banner advertising for a fee
Classified advertising for free but following the posted rules in each classified forum
What's okay and what's not.

Regular Members may respond to specific posted requests for quotes but may not otherwise volunteer to sub-contract or act as an outsource or supplier either in the public forums or privately through the facilities of Signs 101 as a result of a post made by any member of signs 101.
Regular Members are specifically forbidden from using their profile signatures to advertise and self-promote with mentions of wholesale services, products or links to their websites for the purpose of self-promotion, etc.
Members found to be in violation of this policy are subject to a one week suspension on a first offense and may be banned for life in the event of a second offense.


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Hi Bill..seems you're a go-getter..nothing wrong with that...this is a forum to share experience/ design ideas.
Welcome from BC, Canada.


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OK, help me out here...

...exactly what is self promotion? ..specifically as it applies to signs101?

...& is it allowed?

I don't know, that's why I looked it up.

Am I missing something?

Sure, there's nothing wrong with being a go-getter, except it depends on where you go & what you try to get.

Going here & trying to get your business & mine is a reasonable objective for someone offering "High-Quality Indoor and outdoor graphics" with "Excellent service, high quality and wholesale prices" ...except that there is a fee for that privilege.

I am a go-getter myself & I invest frequently in the right to do that in a variety of venues. It's true that "this is a forum to share experience/ design ideas" ...so I thought if self-promotion carries a risk of a one week suspension or worse, I am doing Wyld Bill a favor by pointing out the policy.

If I am misinterpreting it, no harm done... but as I say, I didn't know so I looked it up. It's not my call, but if I was paying to be a merchant here, after reading the policy... I would consider Bill's post to be self promotion.
I'd have to agree with Doug here.

There's a difference between being a "GO GETTER" and doing some "ADVERTISING"

I could almost think the first sentence was harmless, but then going into details on substrates, telling you how to contact them, and then features and benefits related to using them...is advertising. Also, looks like you need to change your signature too...

It's possible the OP misunderstood the purpose of the site, or didn't read the link Doug provided due to the sheer excitement in finding the site??

Doug just pointed it out and said what needed to be said. 'Nuff Said.


Welcome from South Jersey - ooops I mean... South Joisey

Fred Weiss

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Relax everybody and welcome our newest Merchant Member, WYLD Grand Format Printing.

Doug and Outline, I appreciate you looking out for the forum.

Mike Paul

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New Jersey and you, perfect together...

Remember those commercials?...:Big Laugh... Crooked politicians and the highest property taxes in the country.:rolleyes:

Welcome from NorthWest NJ...:wink:


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Another :Welcome: from Northwest Jersey! This place is great, you'll love it!


Mike I remember those commercials! This state is so expensive to live in - I leave - but I keep coming back... New Jersey and me - perfect together?!


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Hi Bill... the first thing I checked was the site's ID tag under your name & last night it said Pre-Schooler, not Merchant Member.

Glad to see you are here to be a merchant! I'm sure you won't regret it.

...And now you know we'll all make sure nobody slides in the back door to compete with you unfairly. :Big Laugh

Mike Paul

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geniuscreations said:
Mike I remember those commercials! This state is so expensive to live in - I leave - but I keep coming back... New Jersey and me - perfect together?!

I hear ya. My property taxes are well over $10,000 per year now.
I'd bail if I didn't have an established business.:cool:



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Hey Doug..thanks! Nice GSD head there by the way. Ive got 3 German Shepards. Security at my house is NOT an issue. :thumb: