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Hello from Poland, Central Europe


Hi all.

I would be some kind of outsider here, as my main area of competence is metal sheet fabrication.

However I have made a few jobs related to signs making:
1. Beths Medispa - a project of aluminium plated with chromium for Norway customer.

2. A set of seventy flat numbers made of stainless steel for Black Pearl Estate in heart of Sea-City Szczecin. (That should elucidate, why digits are "made of pearls" ;) )

3. A few other nicey jobs which are related to design and Signmaking.

My company from 4-5 years makes prototypes and small series for those, which are not welcome in big companies, but need high tech to have the job done.

Laser cutting, metal sheet bending, welding, CNC milling, turning and metal arts are our passion.

All begun with my own built CNC milling machine. Nowadays I am figuring out, how to build high quality laser cutting machine having knowledge and limited amount of money. That's why I visited here :)

Fancy introduction you may see on youtube
It is in polish but there are subtitles available.

Pawel from Prototypujemy.pl


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Thank you all for your warm sentences about a fraction of my portfolio.

I cooperate with a mate, which does much more things related to ads and retail stores interiors. Perhaps I may inspire you with a few samples and products, which we have spread around central Europe.

Cześć Dan360. Nice to meet you :)


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Perhaps I may inspire you with a few samples and products, which we have spread around central Europe.
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