hello from richmond virginia!


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hello all! i'm new to signs 101! i am currently employed with a new company called RICHMOND DIGITAL: PRINTING AND SIGN GRAPHICS, and we are just now getting rolling with business. this particular company is a division of an already well established print shop that has been a staple here in richmond virginia since the 1970s. since the lines between sign making and digital printing are becoming ever more blurred, the print shop decided that it was time to branch out and get into the sign industry. they hired me because i have a working knowledge of the sign business, although there are areas of our business that i still need a lot of practice and learning in. i consider myself a proficient sign maker, but i understand that there are always things to learn and better procedures. i am excited about joining SIGNS 101 because i am eager to meet all of you guys and exchange ideas and information! now, for a little bit about my background... luckily, i have been affiliated with signs for my entire life! i grew up in a small town here in virginia, and my dad hand-painted the majority of the signs around town. I can remember helping him with signs when i was 6 and 7 years old. as the market changed, he lost interest and decided that hand painted signs we a thing of the past. my interest in the sign industry remained, however, and despite the fact that i haven't always been employed at a sign shop, i have always worked with vinyl. recently, i have done free-lance work for a sign shop that my uncle owns, mostly design work. currently, i am running this new sign shop, where i will be responsible for sales, design, production and maintainence. interestingly, my beautiful girlfriend works as a JUNIOR GRAPHIC DESIGNER for the richmond area's premeire sign shop, ACORN SIGN GRAPHICS. we jokingly refer to ourselves as "THE DREAM TEAM!" hahahaha. additionally, in my free time, my girlfriend and i have a freelance illustration venture where we do custom illustrations and graphics for businesses, musicians and organizations. you can see some of my work if you would like at:


also, i am a drummer and i love playing music! it is a dream of mine to tour the world and i truly plan on making that dream come true one day! ok, then... i have really gone all out here. i hope that i'm not coming across too strong... it's just exciting to be a part of a community of like-minded professionals who seem to be extremely knowledgeable and willing to help out. please contact me! take care all!