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Hello from SF

That Way

New Member
Hi all,

My name is Michael and I work as a graphic designer within an architecture firm in SF, CA. As we are starting to do more work in EGD, I came across your forum seeking resources and support for large-format file preparations, etc. I hope to both learn and share some insights of the Signage world.



That Way

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Thanks, all. Glad to have found your group. It's a cold & dreary day here, today. Perfect for a little reading up and experimenting while sipping on some coffee. Cheers.



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Hey Michael,

I lived and worked in "the City" in the late 80s. Was there in the Avenues (inner sunset between Q&R on 42nd) during the '89 quake. Hated that but loved the sign business there. LOTS of customers....best bill payers I have ever run across. Never a question of "how much?" ...it was always "when?" :thumb: