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Hi im from sweden and searched a while for a good forum to learn about Vinyl designs and signmaking in general.

i went a 1year media/design education about 11 years ago and always thought it was fun making layouts and graphics .

work as daily basis as glazing technitian and from time to time works wit vinyl stickers and frozen look vinyl stickers for windows.

and a few weeks ago i got a lot of vinyl foil rolls from a friend who used to work at a company that produced stickers and commercial signs.

now i got about 20-30 rolls of different colours from mactac, 3M, R&D and some other ones.

when i got those i bought a Dika DK1350 plotter (now i realized that i should have bought a plotter with optical eye)

so now i want to learn all there is about this as i think its fun and hope that i will find lots of answers here on this forum

(sorry for long reading and maybe bad english)

will enjoy reading your threads :)

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Hi From Arizona. Welcome to the best forum around. The search function is your friend use it to your advantage.
Welcome from OK USA

I found the eye was more trouble than it was worth. If you experiment with where to start and draw lines to match up on the plotter, you can cut faster without it. Too often the eye can't locate the marks so you end up doing a lot more to get it to work.


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Thanks all u nice folks :)

signbydale > nice to hear that its just good too.

now i have a problem . im searching for a place to buy vinyl rolls up to 50" and that ships to sweden for a reasonable cost.

found a place that sells grafitack vinyl is these any good ?