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Boomer Sign

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Starting off slow and easy. I've dabbled in the business a few years ago, when I created a decal for my Air Force Squadron. They loved the decal but they wanted me to handle the whole kit and caboodle while I was trying to maintain a flight crew and run the scheduling shop, so I took it out commercially and created a website and ran with it on my own till my an untimely divorce two years ago. So here I am starting over, no longer in the Air Force, and I have moved back to my hometown. I have a great job that I work really hard at but something is missing. I guess I am tired of making money for other people who only ask me to work harder. I am not complaining because I do have a job, but I am ready to be my own boss. I have done much soul searching over the past two years and realize graphic design and creating visual appealing artwork and of course making a few bucks is my true calling. So in my research I have found the Signs101.com website and after reading the mission and objectives I am in. I want to learn as much as I can and then impart that knowledge to others. So lets get with it and have some fun.



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Welcome from PA and a big thank you for your service......................................