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Hello, let me cut to the point.


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Let me introduce myself ... my name is Jerod. I am 25 and live in Ohio. I'm new to the business. I look forward to learning all I can from those of you who have been doing this for years.

A little about myself. I work in IT. Currently, I work three 12 hour days (on weekends). I have no kids. I believe I am a perfect candidate to learn this new trade. I understand it's not going to be easy. But I have the dedication. I'm excited. And most importantly, I think I'm going to love doing this.

I just purchased a Graphtec FC 3100-60 from forum member "Buddy". I haven't received it yet. I should be getting it later this week. I'm excited to say the least. I'm still considering which graphics program to purchase. I'm leaning towards Corel X-3. Anyone is welcome to provide input/suggestions. Right now, I don't have the funds to buy the "best" programs. I look forward to chatting with y'all. By the way, do we have any Rodney Carrington fans here?


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Howdee from VA.............

X3 and CoCut is all you need........well you really don't need CoCut but it worth the money..........


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Welcome! I've used Corel, for the vast majority, the whole time I've been involved. Granted, that's only 4 years now, but I see no real need to go after something like Flexi or SignLab. Corel, coupled with CoCut Pro (for cut vinyl), and Wasatch SoftRip (for printing), has done all I need so far.


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i have used flexi, signlab, graphix advantage, omega, and corel...we use corel for just about everything, seems to fit in here

don't know if there are any other rodney fans out here, but (.)(.)ies and beer may be the best song of all time...LOL...


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Printing I am new to plotting I am not...

I've been at both ends of the shtick, I have an Ioline 60" smart trac that I make allot of masks for sandblasting with.

Used adobe, corel, micrografx (stone age by todays standards) and have had my hands on just about anything else you can think of in one form or another at any given time..

When I first got the plotter, it was about 6 years ago, I was mainly using corel and then eventually together with cocut, when I stumbled across it somewhere... for me it was a bit of headscratching event when I was learning my way around them but one thing I found out about 3-4 years down the line was the minute I stated using flexi? WOW! Whole new world!

Things cut and print exactly like I drew them the first time around, half my minor hissy plotter issues that would pop up from time to time were 100% eliminated and found everything going way faster and way easier.

I am not saying run out and drop 2 grand & buy flexi as the others do work and I highly say try them and get you're feet wet and have some fun become familiar with it all and learn about the things that can, do and will go wrong depending on how far you want to take it and what you actually want to accomplish. Just remember that when the time and need arises do not hesitate to make an investment in flexi. Yeah I was a skeptic too and have not regretted the investment since day 1.

Just my 2 cents...


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Hey, thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I also appreciate all the suggestions. The cheapest I could find CoCut for was $560. I don't have that much to put into an additional program at this time. Corel x-3 seems to be going for around $100 on eBay.

ONEBADBUG, thanks for sharing your experience with Flexi....I will definately consider it when I start seeing some profits. How difficult is it to setup my Graphtec to cut directly from Corel ? I did some searching around on this forum, but didn't have much success finding specifics. Thanks again for everyone's input.


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Howdy Jarod (Buddy here)........

If you do buy Corel X3........I recently purchased it (a real version) for $200. But Redline (another member here) purchased it for $100 on eBay.......(a real version).

Neither came with the big thick book. Instead we both use vtc.com for tutorials. Better training and cheaper.

You're going to do great Jerod.

There's lots of support here for CorelX3 and Graphtecs. At least you won't be getting people giving you #@$^%# because you bought a cheapie plotter that won't work and now asking for help to make it work.

You're off on the right foot !!



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At least you won't be getting people giving you #@$^%# because you bought a cheapie plotter that won't work and now asking for help to make it work.

Yeah. Thank God I didn't buy no cheap P.O.S plotter. When I first started browsing, I did consider purchasing one of those off eBay. Good thing I found this forum. I always do my research.

Anyhow, Buddy has been extremely helpful via e-mail. Can't say enough about this guy....very honest and trustworthy. I'm sure I'll be happy with my purchase.


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Jerod.......you're blowing my cover.

I work hard on this chat forum to come across as an old geezer, rude, inconsiderate, narrow minded so-n-so. Don't rat me out as actually being a nice guy !!


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Welcome from PA

To cut directly from Corel you need tho have a HPGL drive installed for the plotter, then install the plotter as a printer. Also make sure that the plotter is set to HPGL not GPGL.


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