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Hello there

Chuck Peterson

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Hi, my name is Chuck Peterson. I am now semi-retired (until I think of a better term for it, I'm only 53) after 22 years making signs on my own. I started out working in the paint dept at Cal Neon in San Diego back in the 70's paintin Jack in the Box clown heads and stuff. Then I wandered lost in jobs I hated for a few years until 1983 I started painting signs on my own. I spent the last 15 years or so in Cardiff by the Sea, California. This past January I sold my home and business there and now live in Prescott, Arizona. I got a Gerber 4B, which I still have, in the late 80's, got an Edge around '97. Did lots of sandblated signs, vehicle lettering etc. I started developing an allrgy to most paint fumes in the early 90s and had to quit using 1 shot, etc. I actually discovered a lot of materials and techniques I never would have had I not been forced to. I have every issue of SignCraft since the beginning in 1980 when I was starting to teach myself to letter. It was pretty cool to read about myself in there a couple of times, even though I know my work is not in the same league as some of you. Today I am playing around with making unique painted wood tables, chairs and whatever else I dream up. I'm just taking baby steps at this point, but hope to use most of the techniques I learned in my years in the sign trade, and still do a sign now and then.
I also enjoy travel. Been to Ireland a couple times in the last 3 years and all over the western U.S. these past few months. I look forward to gaining some knowlege here and sharing what I can.


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Hi Chuck! My buddy Bob Burns lives in Prescott. He is an old signpainter who has hung out with the best thru the years. Maybe you have met him? anyways...Welcome to signs101


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Nice to meet you Chuck and look forward to your posts and experiences in the profession.



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Welcome from PA. You stumbled onto the next best thing since 'SignCraft' magazines.

:Oops: should I not have mentioned the 'other guys' ??

The Big Squeegee

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Welcome Chuck

:Welcome:to :signs101: From Arkansas :Coffee:
Hey Chuck! I'm 53 too :thumb: I used to live in Tucson back in the 70's. I don't miss the dry heat. I was a welder in Tucson with nothing but swamp coolers. :rolleyes: