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Hello to everyone!


Just Me
Don't be doggin' him already - bigger is almost always better :smile: But everyone has to start somewhere.

(I have a 24" cutter too)


New Member
Bigger is better!

Yep, being male, having boats and like other things bigger is better.....but doing the best with what you have = priceless ...LOL
I have stock 30", 24" and 15" rolls of vinyl for my cutter. Every 15" is a 50 yds. About half of my 24" are 50 yds and half are 10 yds. As for 30"s, only black is 50 yds on a regular basis.
You'd be surprised what you can do with a small plotter. Welcome from NY.


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Welcome! You just lucked into the BEST sign forum on the net!

24" is fine... for now, but you will see in a short time, if you listen to the advice of this forum to better your skills, as well as your business handling, that you will be upgrading to a 48" 54" sooner than you thought!

Enjoy the forum, and be sure to post your questions, concerns, advice etc.

Cheers, Bryan


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Bonjour de Montréal, 'Saltydog, :)