Hi everyone!


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I am learning about sign design. I have Illustrator CS2, Photoshop CS2, and Casmate and an old Graphtec FC2100-60A. It is far from a fluid setup right now but I'm working with it. I also paint portraits, murals, and do other types of design.

I'm looking forward to learning and to offer whatever I can. It will most likely be with painting and drawing as my computor and software knowledge is moderate.




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Welcome from PA..................

I originally started out as a portrait painter, too. Oils and water colors were my main mediums and later went into charcoals. After college went into signs..... whew.... that was long ago.

Anyway...... again :Welcome:


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Can anyone help with Illustrator CS2?

First, thanks for the welcome everyone!

When laying out at full size (3'x10') the effects don't function properly in Ill., but working at a smaller size all is fine.

I don't know a lot about computors but I did take all the files off my desk top and I have 1 GB of RAM.

Thanks for any help!


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Hey Bruce, welcome! Glad you made it on here. Treating my baby alright?:wink:

You guys should see his paintings. Pretty nice...