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New to the forum. I have been doing inexpensive party banners for the last five years using the Gigantagram system. I know that very low on the totum pole here but it has worked pretty well for me.

I still want to concentrate on inexpensive party banners but I want to upgrade to a better machine so I can add photos and more complicated graphics.

I have lots of questions but I want to read the forum first to make sure the answers are not already out there.

I have a lot to learn but this forum looks like a good place to start.

Mary Ann


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MaryAnn..if you're looking for a Professor..? I have no idea what a Gigantigram is.. But you made a nice intro here..searching the threads here will garner lots of info.
Welcome from Beautiful BC.


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Hi Mary Ann, from PA also.

Ken, a gigantigram is a plotter that uses magic markers in the blade holder. It also accecpts a blade to cut vinyl.