Hi from Texas


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Hi ya'll. My name is Mike Patterson and my wife and I own Totally Graphic Designs. We are going on our 17th year in business and hopefully many more to come.

We are a custom paint and vinyl shop. We also have a fabrication side of the business. I take on one or two hotrods or restorations a year and paint, decal (more than I can count) Roadrace bikes and cars every year.

As for sign work, I usually get all the difficult jobs that the other shops in our area are afraid to take on. We focus on wraps and upper end aka higher profit signs.

I don't really know what all to put in this post. I am looking forward to learning alot from the people here, and hopefully I can help someone out along the way.

GOD Bless.


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Welcome to Sign 101

Welcome to Sign 101, from another Texan, located about 150 miles south of you in Belton.

Sounds like you have a lot of experience, I would like to see some of your wrap projects.



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howdy from the state to the north! this place is full of info and some really helpful people