Hi, to all..


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Hi, to all from the UK

Ok, I am a software programmer, not a Print Operator but work since 18 months for a Digital Printing Company.

I write my code manly in . Net.

At the moment, I am coding Illustrator.

Grab same Names from our SQL database to produce some EPS Files with around
8-12000 Personalized Stickers per File, sprinkle some icons throughout and send it to the Printer .

I (foolishly) expect my documents to be printed the way I designed them (at least some times, now that would be cool!).

Don’t know much about our Printers (Summa DC3, Mimaki 75II something (sounds like a Japanese Locomotive to me and smells like one too), and a Roland PC600).

For me, a Printer is a Printer be it a 29 bucks Epson from the Supermarket or a 20k Mimaki.

Just that the our printers “Modify” my designs too often.

Time to talk to the people who know there stuff.

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Welcome. I dont't know much about software; I thought they were all the same.


Hi, Bob

If I tell a Printer, to print the letter “A” on my document as first letter, in the first line
Of my document, then I expect that “A” to be right there, at the precise position.

A printer is a printer, it should not matter what width your media is, or what your media is.

It should not matter, if your printer is a Mimaki, an Epson, a Roland or what ever.

I just refuse to be told that if the Printer puts the “A” half way down the page that
” that’s the way it is”.

If I hit my “Brake Pedal” I expect my vehicle to stop.

I don’t care if my Brake Pedal is bolted to a Truck, a Motorcycle, a Car, or a Go-kart.

A Brake Pedal is a Brake Pedal; the function should always be the same.

For me as a Programmer, a printer is a printer.

If I send it a Document, in a file format it can read then it should print it, full stop.

If a $29 Printer can handle it, then a Summa DC3 should handle it as well.

If it can’t, then I might get the $29 toy and by myself a new car with the Change.

best regards



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True, printers are all the same. The way they get the information is the difference.

You need to speak to the RIP software and not to the printer.


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Welcome from Pennsylvania, USA.....:unclesam:

.... where we talk English and not code............:Big Laugh